Makeup Tips and Tricks for Body Contouring

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I think we all have learnt how to contour our face and make it look well-defined, all thanks to IMBB. But just like our face, our body also needs contouring. We do not always have the perfect slim legs or curvy belly area. Contouring helps to create the illusion of a perfectly toned and well-shaped body. Read on to know the basics of body contouring.


Things that you should keep in mind:
• Always exfoliate your body well before contouring it. The removal of dirty cells helps in blending the products well. Also try to get the waxing done if possible. Just like your facial makeup, the smooth skin surface of your body helps the makeup to stay long.

• Using a cream based or liquid product is desirable when it comes to body contouring. The number of sebum glands in your body is much less compared to your face. So the powder-based product may end up looking cakey. Using liquid tanning products and fluid highlighter is the best option. If you sweat a lot, use a fixing spray to make the effect last for a longer time span.


• Moisturizing the skin before contouring is important. You can also use a primer if you can.

• It is not essential to contour all the body parts at the same time. Contour your hand if you are wearing sleeveless, legs while wearing short dresses, neck and chest area if you are wearing a tube dress and so on.

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How to contour:
Neck and chest: Well, if you are wearing a tube top, do highlight this area properly. Contouring the neck gives the perfect illusion of a narrow slim neck. Also do not shy away from contouring your chest; it will make the little cleavage showing look perfect.

neck and chest contouring

While contouring the neck, take the darker shade of the contouring palette or stick and draw vertical lines along the neck. Blend them well. Next use the same colour to draw an angled V inside the hollow of your collar-bone. Use the highlighter to draw a line on the high area of the collar bone. Draw a final line with the darker shade outside the collar bone parallel to the highlighted area. This will make the collarbone look high and the areas around it look hollow.
Before highlighting the chest, make sure to put on your bra. Next draw a straight line along the cleavage line and a V keeping it in middle, using the darker shade. Now draw a final outer V using the highlighter. Thus, the cleavage gets more depth while the breast area looks fuller.

Hands: Stretch out your hand and flex the muscles. Now draw a line between the hollow of biceps and triceps using a darker colour. Now select a colour lighter than this shade but darker than your skin tone. Apply angular lines using this where the bicep meets the elbow and where the bicep meets the shoulder. Blend all the lines properly.

Legs: Try to wear high-heels before contouring as it helps to flex the muscles perfectly. Now use the tanner or contour stick all along outer and inner thigh area from top to bottom. If your calves look too heavy and curved, use a lighter shade than the one used (not lighter than your skin) and apply a line along the calf and blend it well. Use the highlighter to highlight the shinbone as it makes the leg look long.

highlighted legs

Tummy: Tuck in your tummy and start contouring. First, draw a straight line from your belly button to the upper part where the ribcage ends. Now draw an inverted V from the upper end of the straight line. These lines should be angled along the last bone of your front rib-cage. Stop at the point where the flat area of the tummy ends and it gets curved. Now from those end points draw straight lines down and end parallel to the belly button. Draw angled lines from the end points of these two horizontal lines towards each other, but you do not need to join them. Draw two more inverted Vs above the belly button and below the upper most inverted V you made earlier. Now blend all these lines well. Use a very light coat of powdered highlighter to highlight the regions in between. If the sides of your belly look flat, use a darker shade to draw a line in the central area leaving equal space below and above. Blend it well and this will create an illusion of depth in that area.

Body contouring is something which needs loads of practice and patience. The better option obviously is to eat healthy, exercise daily and get well-toned body naturally.

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