Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tones

Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tones

Skin colour is the most important factor to consider when it comes to selecting the right makeup shades for yourself. If you fulfil this basic requirement correctly then, you can bring out the unique beauty of your complexion effortlessly.

Here are few makeup ideas that will highlight the best and prominent features of your skin.


Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tones:

Choose your foundation wisely; it should match your skin perfectly as wrong shade of foundation is most unforgiving on dark skin. If you have yellow pigmentation in the skin avoid using foundation with pink undertones. Always start with sheer coverage and build up layers as necessary since dark skin has a way of making heavy makeup really apparent and unflattering. Special attention should be paid to blending to make your face look flawless. Liquid foundation is best for the dark Skin as dark skin has tendency to shine and cream foundation will make it worse.

Go for light, soft colours for your blush. Rose, deep orange and coral blushes will be a great choice for the day. Shades such as plum, wine and bronze look stunning with evening makeup. Even gold tone shimmers work wonders for dark complexion during evenings. Try to avoid shades like brown, light pink and peach as these shades tend to look muddy on dark skin If you feel that your blush in not standing out, use a cream based blush beneath it. If you have high cheek bones put blush right on top of them, if you have fluffy cheeks and a rounder face shape suck in your cheeks and apply blush right in between your cheek line and your jaw line.

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As far as lip makeup for dark skin is concerned, avoid frost finish lipsticks and choose matte finish ones. Shades of beige, soft pink and gold suit dusky complexion well. If you want something a little more bold for a formal occasion then reach for any shade of berry, plum, or wine that suits your skin tone. If you have dark toned lips, prepare a base first by a lip balancer.

As far as eye makeup goes opt for dark browns, copper, prunes and burgundy shade to cover whole eyelid instead of light, powdery and bright shades. Also, black eye shadow and the smoky eyes look will look absolutely enticing on dark skin and eyes!


If you have dark skin, less the makeup, better it is. Your focus should be on enhancing it’s inner glow and highlight the natural color. It is better to accentuate natural shades of skin then by trying to blend different colors.

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7 thoughts on “Makeup Tips for Dusky Skin Tones

  1. wow era di 😛 😛 😛
    i have medium skin tone but this post was helpful for my dusky cousin sis
    *oye balle* *oye balle* *oye balle* thanq *puchhi* *puchhi*
    can any one give say me some gud non shimmer matte bronzers under INR1000 for contouring
    rati di help me *shy* *shy* *shy* *shy* *shy* *scared* *scared* *scared* *scared* *scared* *blush*

  2. can any one give say me some gud ‘non shimmer’ matte bronzers under INR800 for contouring
    i am nc 45 in summer and nc 40 in winter 😛 😛 😛 😛
    plz help me *scared*
    even say me where they r available online
    or place in hyd
    plz help me plz plz

    1. For contouring, you could look at NYX powder blush in Cocoa or Stone. Alternatively, you could try Bharat and Dorris (Bollywood makeup artists) line…they are all around 500 or so. And both can be bought online. Hope it helps….

  3. Thank you ERA for sharing this useful information. *thankyou* ….. *announce* can anybody suggest few products name for dusy skin pls pls …compact and foundation names as well as blush if anybody knw or have used pls suggest

    1. Sasmita, Compact and foundation – you really need to try in a store before buying. For blush, I can name a couple of tried and tested products: NARS Dolce vita, MAC Ambering Rose, MAC plum foolery, MAC peaches / coppertone (they look fairly similar on me). You could do a lesson with MAC – it is for 90 mins and costs about 6K which is redeemable against products. You will get to try and buy the stuff! *preen* *preen* *powder* *powder*

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