8 Makeup Tips for Women Who Hate Makeup

By Gurmeet Kaur

Are you one of those women who like to see pretty faces but, when it comes to you, the whole idea of applying makeup scares you. Your worries are over! There are two kinds of people: one who are very passionate about makeup and styling, and there are another half who are not so much driven by makeup(Well, I belong to the latter half as well!). But, there is one fact that is common among both the categories; all of us want to look pretty! Don’t we? So today, I have brought a perky list of 10 makeup tips for the women who hate makeup. Read on and embrace the secret!

1. Bath Blessing:

Bathing may sound like an everyday hygiene care activity for a healthy body. We should realise that it is the first step to looking good. If done with a little variation, bathing can turn into a process to give your skin the kind of texture that will need fewer layers of makeup to look perfect. There are various ways to alter your bathing regime for different results. Following is the list:
• Add a little honey to warm bathing water for softened skin.
• Add some milk and see your skin becoming less sensitive to sunburns.
• Mixing few drops of olive oil to give natural hydration to your skin.
• Adding a little Epsom salt can free your skin from minor inflammations.
Lavender Essential Oil, when added to bathing water, helps you with muscle relief.
How wonderful it is to know that minor additions to a regular activity like bathing can actually be a strong medium to change the entire texture of your skin. Who needs tonnes of makeup now, just bathe right!


2. No Dryness, No Shyness!

One of the major concerns in the process of looking good is the ‘dry skin’. Dear Ladies, keep in mind that more flawed the skin is, more makeup you will need to cover it up. So, try to keep your skin as hydrated as possible. A well-hydrated skin stays smooth and feels good to look at. Also, a skin that is moisturised properly has a natural shine of its own. So, if your skin is kept safe from dryness and flaky mishaps, you automatically start looking pretty without having to use highlighters. So, focus on keeping it well hydrated by dabbing a dash of moisturiser on your skin every day and night. You can also use a body butter or any body lotion of your choice. Let your skin develop a shine of its own!


3. Keep it Light and Right!

As we are circling our discussion around the ones who don’t like makeup much, it is worth mentioning that using makeup doesn’t mean stashing your entire face with layers. Using makeup just intends to give our face the following things:
• A look of perfection for features and skin.
• Makeup helps to cover minor situational flaws like an untimely pimple, a nail scratch, a rough day or stressed out life.
• A right amount of makeup highlights our prettiest features.
So ladies, even with just a product or two you can look your best and most presentable for any walk of life.

4. Go Natural!

If you are scared of makeup as much as I am, here is a relieving news for you. Looking polished does not need much of makeup. So, there is absolutely no need to get psyched about it. If anything about makeup products worries you, talk about it with experts, a well-equipped friend or maybe fellow IMBBians. There are always a lot of natural alternatives to makeup techniques. There are multiple benefits of using these natural alternatives like:
• Drink beetroot juice with a glass as it leaves a reddish tint on your lips.
• Cut a fresh piece of beetroot and rub gently on your lips for two minutes right before going to bed.
• Grab few drops of milk cream and massage your face for a glow that beats highlighting.


5. The Three-Free Product Rule!

Haven’t heard of it? This is a favourite rule of all those pretty people who hate makeup. This is basically a list of three things to keep you free from all the tedious processes of makeup, like layering, mixing, blending, choosing which product to suit your skin type. All you need is just three products! Just three! Yes, you read it right! The absolute essential three are:
Foundation: A foundation complementing your skin tone is a boon. If you already hate makeup, I advise you not to apply it directly on your skin. Instead, add few drops of it to your moisturiser and spread it gently all over the exposed skin i.e. face, neck, hands etc. This will give your no makeup look the much needed even tone without using multiple products.
Kohl: Keep a convenient pencil of kohl handy. You can use one pencil for multiple uses. Although you can choose a pot kohl or any other packaging of your choice, carrying a kohl pencil is super convenient as it can be used as your eyeliner or as a brow pencil too.
Tinted Lip Balm: Makeup haters are specifically fussy about painted lips. Even the ones who are less enthusiastic about makeup, like to keep their lips hydrated and soft. A tinted lip balm saves you from the panic of using makeup and gives you the much-needed hue!

8 Makeup Tips for Women Who Hate Makeup6

6. Vaseline as Mascara:

I have seen so many women feeling stressed just by the thought of using makeup. Though they happen to appreciate long eyelashes, but the idea of applying a mascara sounds appalling to them. A product as harmless as Vaseline does not give the vibe of being a makeup product and allows a person to use it with mental ease. All you have to do is:
• Rub a little Vaseline gel on your index finger and thumb.
• Hold your eyelashes between your moistened thumb and index fingers close to your eyelid.
• Move your fingers outward pointing upwards towards the brow, just like an eyelash curler does.
Be careful that you don’t take too much Vaseline while trying this. Just a little quantity is enough to give your eyelashes a noticeable yet subtle shine.

8 Makeup Tips for Women Who Hate Makeup

7. Feminine Doesn’t Mean Product Laden!

Using makeup or not using it is a woman’s choice. Less makeup doesn’t make you any less of a woman. If it scares you, try to find out the reason, not to debate it, but to understand the differences. Makeup is an art of making a face complementing an event. For instance, creating different looks for events like weddings, cocktail parties, fashion shows etc. It is not an obligation to apply it because you are a woman. So ladies, open your arms to this art of beautification and enjoy the freedom of using it as per your wish. You can use it as much as you want.

8. Oral Hygiene:

This is especially for women who hate makeup since you have already made up your mind that you are not going to use much makeup products. It becomes crucial for you to address the beauty concerns right at its root level because you will not be covering them up with makeup. For makeup lovers, it is easier to achieve a sparkly smile by using teeth whiteners. But, if you are one of those who considers it a makeup product, stay attentive to regular dentist visits or keeping the teeth clean at home. Use floss, brushing, cleaning regime to keep the shining game on point. Make this a routine. A lifestyle with a proper oral hygiene adds a long term beautiful accessory of a bright smile to your natural face.

8 Makeup Tips for Women Who Hate Makeup5

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