Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

While double chin can be as big a concern as wrinkles, you need to understand that losing weight is an ultimate solution to losing double chin. Some people may have genetic tendencies for bloating hence more of a double chin, or predisposed to more fat collection under the chin, resulting in that feared double chin, which can make you look worse in pictures, check out some tricks you could use everyday before you step out of the house, with simple things like darker compact powder and a bronzer.

Makeup Tips to Hide a Double Chin

Distract away

The biggest tip I can give you is to focus on other beautiful features you might have and to ditract attention from the chin, play up your eyes, use a nice blusher to highlight your cheeks, use falsies, a good mascara and may be a metallic shadow to highlight one feature on you face, this is sure to make your chin go unnoticed.


Dont leave your makeup before you contour, use a highlight shade on the top of the cheeks under the eyes on the high of the cheeks, then apply a darker powder in the hollow of the cheeks by making a fish face, you can use vertical strokes to actually draw a line at an angle under the cheeks, then blend it out, then in the centre of the highlight and the bronzer, use a blusher. Coming to the main contour for double chin, use a darker powder on the side of the face in the shape of “3” and go from temple, under the cheeks and under the jawline on the neck, as in on the sides, this is sure to help with double chin contouring,go matte with this darker powder or bronzer, matte is more natural for contouring.
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Bold lips

Try some bold red lips, some shimmer on the centre or a pop of tint on the lips,some thing pretty, dont go for nude lips, as we need to focus on other features to avoid unwanted attention on the double chin.


Use a bronzer to clearly define your jaw line. It is important that you choose the right tone of bronzer during this process to get the best results. Choose a gold-toned bronzer if you have medium to dark skin or a rose-toned bronzer if you have fair skin.


Show off the neckline:

Sweep the hair away from the neck, show off the neck and collarbone to avoid any attention on the double chin, invest in some scoop neck tops.


Invest in a darker contour powder, highlighter, bronzer,angular face brush for working at angles and good pink blushes.


Eliminate the consumption of junk foods, fast food and other foods that are packed with fat and calories. Cutting back on your caloric intake not only helps you get rid of your double chin, but also helps you lose fat in other areas of your face. Practising good posture is a great way to help get rid of a double chin. Whether you’re typing at your computer at work or reading a book in bed, it’s important that you keep your back straight and chin up. Not only does sitting up straight make your double chin less noticeable, but it also strengthens jaw muscles, to keep fat from building up under your chin.

Some hairstyles also help flatter the face and drive attention away from the double chin and frame the face to make it look slimmer. 🙂

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  1. great article Neha..specially the contour super useful..and i totally agree about hair styles too..face framing layers do a great job of making double chin a lot less visible..

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