8 Makeup Tips To Follow if you Have Enlarged Pores

Enlarged pores can make you look aged and doesn’t let makeup sit nicely on your skin. First things first, why do we get enlarged pores? So, to begin with, let me tell you, we all have pores. Having pores is not a problem but enlarged pores are definitely an issue. Pores are tiny little openings on your skin from where the sebum, produced by the sebaceous glands come out, that’s how oil appears on your face. Each oil gland has a hair follicle also and the opening on the surface of our skin is the pore we see and crib if it starts looking like a pit on our face. Enlarged pores are caused by many reasons, right from the genes you inherited to an unhealthy lifestyle. I will get into the details in an other post. This post has some really clever makeup tips to help your makeup look flawless not porous.

Enlarged Pores

1. Pivotal Primer:

If you have enlarged pores, the primer you need to apply before makeup has to be a thick, pore-filling primer. Such primers fill in the pits created by pores and when you apply foundation, you get a beautiful non-porous finish.

2. Ice cube toner:

After cleansing your face, apply some rose water ice cubes on your skin. It will not only act as a nice hydrating toner but also tighten your pores so that the makeup on your skin looks flawless and youthful.


3. Use a Buffing Motion:

While applying foundation, use a buffing motion. This will ensure that foundation sinks in and the pores get filled with the pigment. On camera, this technique makes you appear air brushed. Do remember to pat down all your facial hair after you buff.

4. Include Exfoliation:

Make regular exfoliation a part of your skin care regimen. Exfoliation gets rid of dead cells and all the impurities from the pores. Hence , lesser acne , lesser whiteheads and lesser blackheads. Also ,clean pores which are much less visible and makeup goes exceptionally well on exfoliated skin.

5. Right Foundation:

If you have enlarged pores, it’s most likely that you must be having oily skin and extremely oily t-zone. Your foundation has to be a perfect match not only as a color but in type too. Maybelline Fit Matte and Poreless is a foundation which I swear by for my cheeks with large pores. This is one budget-friendly drugstore foundation which works wonder, just like high-end products.


6. Use cool water to while cleansing:

Hot showers and warm water splashes will expand your pores even more. Try using cool water and gentle splashes to get your pores shrinking before makeup.

7. Try Mineral Makeup:

Mineral makeup foundations are known to provide a very soft, natural finish and they also help minimize the look of enlarged pores. If you can’t do without a liquid foundation, use a mineral finishing powder for a flawless base.

8. Use a setting spray:

Beauties with pores complain about their makeup melting away. To avoid such a situation, use a good makeup spray like the Urban Decay De-slick makeup setting spray would do good. After you are done with all your makeup, just spray it all over your face and it will lock in the primer, foundation, and powder.


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