Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

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Here is the list of biggest makeup trends of upcoming fall winter season 2016.

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

Dramatic Eyelashes:

Fuller lashes, on your top lash line make your eyes look larger and more awake. You can go for various coats of lengthening and volumizing mascara. You can also try the most dramatic lashes that you have in your stash for a full on glam look.

Glitter on the lids:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

Glitters are the perfect way to add a bit of glam to an otherwise casual look. You can go for a full swipe of glittery eye shadow on your lids or you can take inspiration from Rati mam and do a double winged liner with a black and glitter liner.

Neutral eye shadows:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

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Neutral eye shadows are versatile, they can be made ideal to suit various occasions and timings of the day with few change of colours. You can try neutral lips or bold lips with them and it is always a win-win situation.

Ombre lips:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

Ombre lips, made waves last year and are still going strong! If you are beginner then you can try different shades from same colour family. If you are a fashionista like Rati mam then you can definitely experiment with bold colours of different colour families, just remember to blend colours well.

Goth lips:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

Aishwarya Rai made news at Cannes wearing a funky purple lipstick and it just started this whole new trend of differently coloured lipsticks which is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea! Goth lips trend is a step forward and not for the faint hearted. Think of navy blues, blacks and vampish purples to get this look right.

Neutral lips with Smokey eyes:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

This is one of the classiest makeup looks, that goes well for all seasons but you can definitely intensify your smokey eyes in accordance with the cold weather. You can also try various lip colours to go with your smokey eyes.

Fresh, Subtle Skin Highlights:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

Radiant and healthy looking skin is such a sunshine for the gloomy cold weather. Use a luminous primer, dewy foundation, highlighter or all three of them for a highlighted and dew skin look.

Lip Gloss:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

This classic lip product never goes out of style! No matter how many lipsticks you own, sometimes it is comforting to go back to good ol’ lip tint or a gloss for casual day out.

Elongated eye look:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

If you have really small and round eyes then this is the look for you! The elongation of eyeliner along inner corner and outer corner can make your eyes look elongated. You can try this look with any eye shape for an extra glam factor.

Jewel-Tone Smokey Eyes:

Makeup trends for Fall-Winter 2016

Smokey eyes are always a favourite and you can make them extra special by combining colourful and jewel toned shades, which provide a beautiful contrast to the black base of smokey eyes. This can be a great look for upcoming festive season.

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