Makeup Tricks That Every Model Knows Of

If anyone ever asked me, I would say the art behind getting a perfect makeup is completely based upon a flawless natural skin which every one of us love. The credit goes to the makeup artists who transform these simple looking girls into divine gorgeous ladies. It’s only the makeup and health secrets which make these supermodels popular overnight! After researching, I found out a few fantastic tricks which would make a lot of difference in your skin. Let’s check out the makeup tricks models try to achieve a flawless, expensive look…

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

1. Concealer

You should always include a concealer in your vanity. Infact I would say if you want to shell out money to buy those expensive concealers, it is good. Concealer helps not only to hide the flaws on your face but provides a proper base which helps make your makeup to last long. There are a variety of concealers available in the market, you can pick according to your skin type and use.

2. Highlighting Powder

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

Highlighter should be used after wearing a concealer on the face. Highlighter can make you look gorgeous and provide a shine on the skin but on the other hand, it can also make your face look cakey and overloaded with makeup. Highlighting powder should be applied equally all over the face with the help of normal loose powder.

3. Bronzer

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

Bronzers have taken up the makeup counters quite well with its increasing uses and the result it provides. Few have a habit of applying bronzer all over your face, do not commit this crime ever again, it is wrong. Bronzers are supposed to be used on the cheek bones. One can also dab a little on the nose to give a unique shine and make your skin feel lustrous and natural.

4. Eyeshadow

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

If you have ever observed those tall good looking models wearing eye makeup, they rock the light shades. ‘Light colour eye shadows make you look captivating and excellent’ said a professional makeup artist. You should nail the perfect eye shadow colour for your eye, choose more of beige, silver, or light pink on the base. Dark eyeshadows should be used for final touch ups.

5. Lipstick

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

Forget rocking those bold colours on your face, why not move ahead with naturals on your face. For red and plum lipstick, you should know how to wear them like Rihanna does. My suggestion would be beige or a very light pink coloured lipstick. If your lipstick provides extra shine and gloss, voila! Your work is done.

6. Mascara

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

Want your mascara to stay longer with those flirty long eyelashes? Get the solution here, use two mascara alternatively. You can apply the first mascara and hold on till it dries before you apply the second one. Instead on stretching the mascara in upwards direction, apply it in a zig zac motion the next time.

7. Eyeliner

Makeup Tricks That Every Model Use

Eyeliner is the best part of makeup. We all love eyeliners and swear by them. There are many ways to rock your eyeliner; all you need to do is get a little tricky while applying it. You never know a single stroke on your eye can make them look fuller, bigger and attractive. Make it different and unique every time.

These were the makeup tricks used by models which help them to look gorgeous and also give them an expensive look. So what’s your favourite makeup trick?

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