Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

By Neha Patil

Hey beautiful girls,

I had heard lots and lots of girls talking about this product all over the internet and many of the Asian celebrities too admire this product. So, finally I made my mind and got one for myself. Hence today, I will be reviewing Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack.

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

They have renamed the product from KISS whitening Collagen Mask to Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack recently. I never actually thought these Asian skin creams could work as well as they are advertised, but trust me this one does! This is the best-selling product from Thailand and is now available in few other countries like Singapore, USA etc. and also they ship worldwide.

Product Description:
Certified by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand)
Certified GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)

This overnight sleeping mask is made up of 100% all natural product with no trace of steroids or mercury. It is suitable for all skin types including oily and sensitive skin! Developed by a famous beauty & skin expert, the mask is formulated with alpha arbutin, vitamin C+ and natural extracts. This diminishes the appearance of pores, supports natural nourishment, exfoliates and addresses impurities.

The concentrated collagen in this mask serves as a regenerative agent to renew your skin cells and making you look younger and more vibrant. It restores radiance, clarity & suppleness to skin, minimises the open pores, and smoothens your skin.

Users have noticed results in as little as 2 usage!

Simply Love At First KISS, Look Younger, Live Younger!

How to Use:
Cleanse the skin before applying the product. Take 2-3 pumps of product. Apply evenly on face and neck. Let the product work on skin overnight. Clean the face with soap in the morning, and now you have gorgeous young looking skin.

1. Alpha Arbutin: Promotes even skin tone and Skin Whitening
2. A3M3, WHITERIS G: Whitens skin tone and Minimise dark spots.
3. Jojoba oil: Cleansing and moisturising skin
4. Beta Glucan: Repair and strengthen skin cells
5. Brassica Napus Extract: Boost collagen development and fight free radicals
6. Soluble Collagen: Hydrate and nourish skin, Improve skin texture and reduce wrinkles

Singapore $50 for 30 ml bottle
Shipping Charges: $28
Total $78= INR 3713 approx

My Experience with Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack:

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

Its packaging is pretty amazing. Product comes with vacuum pump and a cap with a hole. All you need to do is push the cap and tiny bit of product comes out. Two pumps of the product are enough to cover the entire face.

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

I have been using this product for over a year and a half and so far, I have only loved it. This is my third bottle of the product. It has whitened my skin, reduced the size of skin pores and has also reduced oil secretion. It gives me a smoother, younger looking and brighter skin overnight.

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

As per the brand’s instructions, it needs to be used 2-3 times a week. But sometimes I use it 3-4 times too, depending on my skin’s status. If I feel my skin is irritated or showing tiny pimples, I use the mask that night. I wear this mask after my cleansing ritual. Try not to put anything else but the mask, it allows mask to work at its best. It is a mask, but after application it feels just like a nice, great smelling moisturiser. So, in case you are thinking how can I keep a mask overnight and feel comfortable, don’t worry it feels just like a moisturiser.

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

Many of my friends use this mask as a daily night cream too, but I won’t recommend that. I follow what the brand’s official instructions say. Another thing about the mask bottle, it’s not transparent so we can’t actually see how much of the product is left. Hence, if I start feeling that the pump is getting harder to push or notice that lesser amount is coming out of the bottle, I place an order for a new one. So this way, there is no phase where I don’t have the product. This 30 ml pack can go for 6 month or more, depending on number of applications and quantity applied.

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review


Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

Pros of Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack:

• Super amazing results from the very first use.
• My skin feels soft, supple, bright and clean the next day.
• Reduces pimple size dramatically.
• Superb hygienic packaging.
• Little product goes a long way.

Cons of Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack:

• Availability – It’s available in shops only across Thailand.
• Authenticity – You have to buy the product from original KISS websites only. Since it is a very popular product across Asian countries, many brands have come up with similar packaging and fake product.
• Price – It is expensive plus we have to pay extra for shipping.

IMBB Rating:
4.5/5 (- 0.5 for Availability and price)

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Would I Repurchase/Recommend Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack?
Oh!! Of course. I have repurchased it. Get one for yourself to get brighter and AMAZING skin.

If you have irritated, problematic skin (rashes, tiny pimples, redness), you must give it a go. Trust me it works overnight!

Love to you all!

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8 thoughts on “Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack Review

  1. Welcome to IMBB Neha – I am really intrigued by Korean cosmetics and skin care because they work really well. Beautiful pics and description 🙂

  2. I so want to try it right now! I does not seem too pricey, considering it works so well and lasts that long. Good review Neha and welcome. 🙂

  3. omg i have been seeing this product around internet a lot lately.. and lots of praises. you have guaranteed it now. greatt review.

  4. Awesome review. I have a dry skin and have been using Forest Essentials Dates and Litchi cream during night. My skin feels good, but I want a fairer skin. Will Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack work on my skin?

    Also, can you please provide the official website where I can place an online order for Malissa KISS White Me Up Sleeping Pack so that the product is authentic.

    Do they ship in India?

    1. Hi Shraddha,

      Sorry for delayed reply.
      It will definitely work on your skin. 🙂
      You can buy from and they ship worldwide.

      And let me know the results 😀

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