6 Tips To Manage your Hunger While Trying To Lose Weight

Guess what can act as the biggest roadblock when you have embarked on the journey to lose weight – hunger pangs! The frequency and intensity of hunger seems to be directly proportional to your sincere efforts at dieting. The problem is that frequent hunger pangs will lead to frequent snacking, and every time you snack (especially on junk food and refined carbs), it causes blood sugar to rise, triggering insulin release. And every single time insulin is pumped out, it also does one more thing apart from regulating blood sugar – it facilitates conversion of extra calories into fat deposits. A few bites here and there, one or two biscuits during breaks, and a bite into a slice of pizza may not seem too much when hunger strikes, but these extra calories do add up at the end of the day, and make losing weight difficult. That’s why, it’s important to keep a tabs on hunger and appetite and find ways to manage hunger while trying to lose weight. Here are some effective tips:

1. Start your day with a Protein-Rich Breakfast: Studies have shown that starting the day with a protein-rich breakfast can curb appetite and overeating later in the day. Protein also has thermogenic properties and torches up more calories to break down. Most importantly, protein keeps you fuller for longer and lowers the level of hunger hormone ghrelin. While egg is a good way to include as the first meal of the day due to its high protein content, tofu, paneer, quinoa, peanut butter are other good sources for vegetarians.
2. Include Healthy Fats: Some studies have shown that oleic acid, found in olive oil, meat, cheese, etc. stimulate the production of OEA, which in turn decreases appetite. Healthy fats, most commonly found in avocado, eggs, fatty fish, nuts, chia seeds, even dark chocolate, also promote a feeling of fullness and suppress appetite (when eaten in moderation).
3. Avoid Sleep Deprivation: Have you noticed how after a bad night’s sleep, appetite tends to skyrocket the next day? No amount of will power can counter sleep deprivation because less than 7 hours of sleep can increase the level of hunger hormone, stress hormone, insulin – all of which contribute to an inflated appetite. Never compromise on the quality of sleep, especially if you are trying to trim down that waistline.
4. Find Ways To Beat Stress: The stress hormone cortisol not only increases appetite, it also increases cravings for sugary, salty and high-fat food. Most people also resort to emotional eating and find comfort in food to calm jittery nerves – which may lead to overeating. Regular exercise, practicing self care, reading, pursuing a hobby, yoga, and spending time with family and friends can help beat stress and benefit the whole weight loss process as well.
5. Amp Up Fiber Content: Fiber and protein are nutrients that keep you satiated and fuller for longer, curbing unnecessary hunger pangs. Since we have already mentioned the importance of protein, we would like to tell you that fiber in daily diet is equally important. Fiber helps to reduce appetite, keeps you fuller for longer, is good for the gut bacteria, and thus helps with weight loss too. Fiber helps to treat constipation and other digestive system related issues. Read about “12 Handy Tips To Add More Fiber to Diet for Weight Loss.
6. Most importantly, Drink Enough Water: When you drink enough water, the stomach expands and the brain senses that the tummy is full, thereby reducing the level of hunger hormone. Also, most of the times, dehydration can send out thirst signals which people misinterpret as hunger pangs and tend to reach out for unhealthy snacks to quell these pangs, when in fact, all they need is a glass of plain water! We list down the “Best Times to Drink Water to Speed Up Weight Loss” in this post.

Most importantly, eating the right kind of food and not less is actually the most effective to lose weight and get desired results. Do check out the Rati Beauty diet on how to use the right kind of food to lose weight and trim the waistline as well.

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