Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid Review

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I am back with a new cleansing liquid review. I believe Japan makes a few of the world’s best cleansing oils, most notably, the Shu Uemura, DHC and Fancl cleansing oils. The Fancl one is my personal favourite and is the golden standard against which I compare all other oils. It is definitely the holy grail cleansing oil for me. But was that position taken by this Bifesta cleansing liquid or was it something I will never try again? Read on and find out.

Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid

Packaging:  The packaging of this comes in a blue, see-through plastic bottle with a white pump. I appreciate that this has a pump packaging, which means the product inside will stay sanitary. The bottle has 230 mL of product.

Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid

¥872. Made in Japan.

Consistency/Ease of Use:  The consistency of this is a milky, translucent gel-type liquid as is signified in the name, but it goes on the face like an oil, which is confusing. It does not take a lot of effort to spread it on the face. After getting it on face (no wetting of skin required), I like to do circular motions and do that for a few seconds. I then wash it off with water, which then emulsifies and leaves the skin clean of makeup.

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Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid

With the Fancl or even the Shiseido cleansing oils, I feel, if you are in a rush or just feel lazy, you can stop at the cleansing step and go straight to toning. With this, I do not get the squeaky clean feeling, simply because I feel it is not at all efficient and does not take off all my makeup.

Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid

Efficiency-wise, it is just a below-average product for me. Because I feel it does a terrible job at cleansing and I have to heavily depend on my face wash to do that for me. Another con is that it can irritate my eyes when I try taking off my eye makeup with this. I have very sensitive eyes and I wear contact lenses every day. Also, it is terrible at taking off heavy eye makeup. It cleans it off only partially and does not remove waterproof or long-wearing products. This is supposed to be 100% oil-free, which is a good thing, but it is not revolutionary by any means.

Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid

I will continue to use it for as long as I have it and will make sure I do not go anywhere near the Bifesta line after this.

Pros of Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid:

  • Spreads on the skin easily.
  • Emulsifies and leaves behind no residue.
  • 100% oil-free.
  • Packaging has a pump and is see-through.

Cons of Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid:

  • The biggest con – below average at cleansing – does not remove waterproof or long-wearing products at all.
  • Irritates eyes.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Mandom Bifesta Milky Cleansing Liquid?
No, I would not recommend because the cons are bigger than the pros in my opinion.

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