Mango Mng – Your Jeans Eau de Toilette Review

Mango Mng – Your Jeans Eau de Toilette

Quantity 100 ml


INR 1950
Mango Mng - Your Jeans Eau de Toilette
Top Note Green Leaves, Lemon
Heart Note Spices, Cardamom
Base Note Vanilla, Fruity Notes
Aromatic Fruity Fragrance

I am so thrilled today to write on another Mango edt, I own Mango adorably as well and I had loved it so much that I went ahead and ordered one more online, and I am so loving it and have to say they are way better than Zara perfumes..check this one if you are fruity fragrance girl!
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The pack is super awesome,with the jeans print,and the cut in between, peep through, it is well packed inside as well but is super heavy,you cannot carry it around. The bottle is curvy an the cap too, I think it makes it look quite unique . I have to say the bottle and plastic quality is not very refine but I am happy with the edt.
Mango Mng - Your Jeans Eau de Toilette  (1)
I love fruity fragrances and this is it, this it IT! it is the perfect combi of sweet lemony notes, then green tea cardomom and base notes vanilla, what else do you want!This might remind you of EA green tea but this is sweeter than that, i love how clean it feels, this is not so crisp since it gets quite lemony sweet soon but this will be loved by lemon, sweet, but citrusy fragrance lovers.
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Coming to the staying power, it lasts for about two hours but it is a good two hours for me because this is how I want to smell,sweet lemony clean and this is a very day wear summer scent, I would say this is a free young lady’s fragrance,on a sunny day in some Italian cafe 😛 but majorly this will remind you of the perfume aisle in the mall, so fruity lovers, go get it! I would say Mango has better EDTs than Zara.

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10 thoughts on “Mango Mng – Your Jeans Eau de Toilette Review

  1. O m g… It is better than zara.. Waise i am not a fruity fragrance person, but still i would like to check it.. *haan ji*

  2. Fruity *drool* *drool* *drool* i could see fruity everywhere *drool* i think this is totally worth a try *happy dance* as i also love fruity fragrances *pompom* *pompom* the packaging looks cute too *happy dance*

  3. I love fruity fragrances as well, but they don’t last long, *thankyou* for the review, i wanted to try a mango perfume since long. *clap*

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