Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick Review

Hey everyone,
Today I’m back with yet another lipstick review and this time it’s from the brand Manhattan which again is a European drugstore brand and this lipstick was also a part of the German haul done by my dear brother. The lipstick that I’m going to talk about today is from the brand’s Perfect Creamy and Care range of lipsticks in the shade 45N (sadly there are no names for the shades)

Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick

Product Claims:
• Creamy consistency gives a rich colour without drying out your lips
• Extra creamy consistency for a super soft lip feel
• Hydro-vitamin complex looks after your lips
• With UV-A und UV-B ray filter protection
• Dermatologically tested

Price: £3.15

Ingredients: No ingredients list mentioned.

My Experience with Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick:

The lipstick comes in a black cylindrical case with the brand name and logo printed in white on the front part. Further the brand logo is embossed on the cap of the bullet and at the bottom part, a shade sticker is attached which holds the shade number. The case locks tightly with a click and can easily be tossed into handbags for frequent touch ups on the go. Overall, I find the packaging quite cheap and I wish they offered a better packaging like Catrice lipsticks. The lipstick has an artificial fruity fragrance which isn’t quite strong to hurt the nose and disappears in sometime post application.

Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick

Coming to the shade #45N, to start off with I would say that it’s quite a pain remembering numbers and I wish they had named the shades. Nevertheless, the shade #45N is a shimmery dark tomato red shade which can look nice on a lot of skin tones owing to its dark undertones. Personally I’m not a fan of shimmers and I prefer matte reds any day so I don’t wear this lipstick a lot and I’m looking for ways to finish it off either by wearing it as a tint or by wearing it as a creamy blush.

Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick

Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick

In terms of texture this lipstick is a soft and creamy as the name suggests and adds a good amount of moisture to the lips and a lip balm can definitely be skipped while having this lipstick on. It doesn’t stick to the dry parts of the lips neither does it highlight them which is a plus. It adds a bit of plumpness to the lips like most creamy lipsticks tend to do, which again is a plus.

Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick

In terms of pigmentation the lipstick is pretty decent and gives a medium to buildable coverage. In one swipe most of the lip pigmentation is taken care of and with two swipes we can achieve a full blown colour. I generally prefer wearing it as a soft tint so I blot the lipstick post application and top it off with some translucent powder to get a matte effect.

Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick

The lipstick stays for a good 3-4 hours post application and survives light snacks leaving behind a rosy tint and disappears completely post a full meal. Being a creamy lipstick it does have a tendency to transfer so one needs to be careful and blot the excess with a tissue post application.


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick:

• Affordable.
• Shade would suit a lot of skin tones.
• Contains a shade indicating sticker.
• Decent staying power.
• Good coverage.
• Moisturising.
• Gives a plump effect to the lips.

Cons of Manhattan Cosmetics #45N Perfect Creamy & Care Lipstick:

• Availability in India.
• Shades do not have names.
• Has shimmers in it.
• Tendency to transfer.

IMBB Rating: 3.75/5

Final Verdict:
Overall, I would call it a pretty average lipstick and it is just another addition to the stash. The quality of the product is good but there’s nothing extraordinary about the shade or the finish so you can pretty much give it a miss.

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  1. Pretty cute shade Ankita but, as you said, it’s just something to put on the shelf, :P.
    I would love to see your lipstick collection one day considering you have so many 😀

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