The Cure Beauty Spa – My Manicure and Pedicure

The Cure Beauty Spa – My Manicure and Pedicure

Hello Ladies,

Hope you all are doing fantastic! Last Week, I had a full on pamper session with my Mother at The Cure Beauty Spa. I took you guys on a virtual tour of the spa HERE and HERE. Today I wanted to share with you guys the awesome Manicure and Pedicure I had at The Cure Beauty Spa.

The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure

The nail lounge at The Cure Beauty Spa is one of my most favorite areas at the spa, look how cool and comfy it looks! It has a TV, music, and also some nice products displayed!

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure

The mani/pedi couches, had pillows and rests to make the ladies and enjoy the session! And ofcourse you get your most favorite magazines to read and relax and chill!! Sounds like HEAVEN? It is!! Minus the chocolates, no wait!!!! You get them too with your massage routines, so save a bit for the mani/pedi!!

Each of the seats has a washing chamber at the foot for your pedicures!  Whilst your fingers are let to soak in glass jar full of glass pebbles and water.

The manicure session lasted for about 30 minutes. It began with the basic cleansing of the hands and the nails, followed by a hand massage. And then the cuticles were done and the nails were trimmed.

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure

Now the task was to choose the color for the manicure and pedicure, I was like a confused child who was asked to choose her favorite candy from the humungous candy store! Look at this wall of colors! They are all Essie, Orly and OPI!! By the way I found put that Centerpoint, Midriff City Center retails China Glaze nail paints at a cheap 36 AED! So go ahead and steal them!!

So I was like very sure I wanted to get a bright orange/tangerine nail enamel on my nails, both fingers and toes! So I chose a bright tangerine shade from the Essie wall! And my excitement knew no bounds, and I couldn’t check the name. #FAIL

I was given a base coat of OPI and then good 2 coats of the Essie nail paint followed by a top coat again by OPI. Same goes with the toes!

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure                                                               I know my hand looks weird!!

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure                                                            The foot gets a massage!!

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure                      A customer getting her back massaged whilst dying off the nail enamel

The massage given to the hands and the feet was soothing and relaxing, the massages didn’t just stop here, and whilst I was getting my nail paint dried I was given a super relaxing back massage too! God those masseurs had magic in their hands! Seriously!They have an amazingly sweet staff, trust me!!

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure

essie bright orange
I know neon tends make you skin appear dark! But it's fun!!

essie bright orange

After the pedicure, I was given temporary slippers by the spa, since I had boots on! 😛

 The Cure Beauty Spa - My Manicure and Pedicure
this was after 3 days of the pedicure!!

Overall, I had a great experience and my Mum loved it too. I would definitely recommend you guys to give The Cure Beauty Spa a try! The manicure and pedicure lasted me for about 5 days, I had to try the Magic Nail Enamel Remover from Bourjois, so had to get rid of the gorgeous mani/pedi! 

The Cure Beauty Spa, Dubai – Ambiance
The Cure Beauty And Wellness Lounge
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