ManneQuin’s Contessa Vitamin E Hair Oil Review

ManneQuin’s Contessa Vitamin E Hair Oil

My mom needed some good hair oil to give me a head massage. We usually use coconut oil, but then I decided to try something else, so we bought ManneQuin’s Contessa Vitamin E Oil from a local medical store.

ManneQuin’s Contessa Vitamin E Hair Oil1

It instantly attracted us because of the way it looked and also because it was Vitamin E. Vitamin E is widely known to be beneficial for skin and hair as well. Mom gives me a ‘champi’ (head massage) almost every once a week to promote hair growth and a healthy mane with this oil.

It is a 100ml bottle which costs Rs. 145, made in India by Arohi Med. Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. There is also a 250 ml bottle available. It is an orange bottle with a green cover as seen in the above image.

What the Product Claims:

• Contessa Vitamin E Hair Oil is a complete hair fitness therapy that super changes the harmony of the scalp, root and every strand on your head.
• Enriched with Vitamin E, Lanolin and high protein ingredients, this non-greasy, pH balanced oil works from within to restore this dynamic harmony,
• It effectively fights off stress, pollution, chemicals and all the hazards of modern lifestyle that lead to limp, lifeless, brittle and split ended hair. And finally, offers you complete peace of mind by bringing back the bounce, thickness and sparkle in every strand.


Key Ingredients:

Toco Pheryl Acetate, Anhydrous Lanolin, Archis Oil, Perfume.



• The fragrance is really good.
• Non-greasy.
• pH balance hair oil.
• Contains different types of high protein ingredient which makes your hair stronger, much thicker, builds up the volume of your hair in order to provide for more improved control and texture to your hair.
• It also provides shine and glossy appearance and offers extra protection to hair.
• The presence of wax coating and its antioxidants protect hair from harm and damage created by everyday environmental factors and conditions.
• Provides added lubricant, moisture, hydration and softness to your hair.
• Contessa Vitamin E Hair oil helps to cure and treat hair fall, dandruff and avoid graying of hair.
• Contains important ingredients Lanolin, Petroleum Jelly, Light Paraffin, Archie’s Oil, Bees Wax, Lanett Wax, Isopropyl Mistreat, Almond Oil and Vitamin E.


• The price might seem a bit more than you expect it to be, but the product is worth the price.
• There are no cons as such for this product.

I would recommend this product to people and I will purchase another bottle after the current one is over. I like the smell of this oil, definitely better than the smell of coconut oil.

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