Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush Review

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After reviewing the Marc Jacobs #Instamarc Light Filtering Contour Powder, here is the review on the Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush No. 15 which is designed to be used with the former product and also with any other product. Since I have a round face, I do a decent amount of contouring on myself hence a good contour blush is essential for me. The shape and design of this blush intrigued me hence I decided to get it.

Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

Product Details:
An exclusive, decadently soft, flat-shaped face brush designed to blush, bronze, and highlight.

What it does:
Re-invent the way you blush and achieve the perfect makeup application every time with this super soft brush—exclusively at Sephora. It gently kisses your features with just the right amount of color thanks to its innovative oval-shaped flat top. The size and density of the synthetic, wavy fibers deliver precise pigment pickup and laydown, while the bleached tips ensure a powder-ready surface. With its wide and narrow sides, this versatile brush opens up endless possibilities for contouring, blushing, and highlighting.  This brush features synthetic, anti-bacterial fibers for an optimal finish.


Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

My Experience with Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush:

This is my first Marc Jacobs brush and being the fabulous high-end brand it is, I was expecting to be blown away by the quality of the brushes just like I was with the makeup.

Packaging:  This brush comes in a nicely packaged box. The brush itself has a glossy black handle with silver mirror finish details. The brush overall has a very elegant and classy appearance. It sits comfortably in the hand, the length of the brush is perfect and the weight is not too light and not too heavy.

Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

Bristles:  The bristles on this brush are synthetic hence cruelty free. They are very soft and do not feel scratchy on the skin. This bristles on this brush are dense and closely packed in a long rectangular shape. It is very slightly rounded on the top. There are no bristles sticking out the side or the top. It has the right amount of firmness to the bristles.

Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

Usage:  This brush is designed to be used with blush, bronzer and highlight. Though it is possible to do all of the above-mentioned functions with this brush, I find it best for contouring. The shape makes it easy to get right in the hollows of the cheeks and also under my jawline, around my forehead and the product gets blended effortlessly with a few dabs.  I find that the best way to blend my products with this brush is by using a stippling motion rather than swiping.  Since it is a dense brush, if you swipe it, you run the possibility of moving your base makeup. You could tilt the brush on the side and use the edges to get an even sharper contour. You could use this brush for powder, liquid and cream products and it works greatly and does not cause any streaking. The synthetic bristles do not absorb product.

Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

You could also use it for blush and highlight, but the problem with that is that you can only use it for one purpose at a time and have to clean the brush in-between or risk getting everything muddy. Nobody wants brown contour on their cheeks and blush where the contour should go, right?! You can clean it in between every use with a brush cleaner (Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner for example), but I personally don’t have the patience to do that. This is the reason I like my Kat Von D shade+ Light Contour Brush more than this is because it is dual ended hence you would only need one brush to do both back to back makeup.

Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

This brush would be a little thicker for highlighting unless you are a fan of an intense highlight all over your cheeks. This brush would be best to blend out a cream highlight as those are much more subtle. With a powder highlight, it is best to use a fan brush.

Maintenance:  This brush is easy to clean out with any brush cleaner. I am also able to use my alcohol base spot cleaner without any concern of ruining the bristles. It does not shed during washing and cleans without staining.

Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush

Overall, this is a very nice and high-quality brush and it is definitely functional. For those who love contouring (cream or powder contour and/or both) and do it often, this brush would be loved by you as it makes the whole process super easy, but I wouldn’t exactly consider it a must-have brush for everybody. I still would rank my Kat Von D shade+ Light contour brush over this as it performs the same function (though it is not as great to use with cream product with which this Marc Jacobs brush ranks higher, but since I usually use powder contour this is not a con for me) while also giving to versatility of have another end to use as a highlighting brush, all in one. Considering all these factors, I would still recommend this brush to you.

Pros of Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush:

  • Soft bristles.
  • Synthetic, cruelty-free bristles.
  • Sleek handle.
  • Very soft yet firm bristles.
  • Does not absorb product.
  • Applies product with a streak-free finish.
  • The shape of the brush makes it super easy to fit into the hollow of the cheeks to contour with.
  • Also works great to use around hairline and under the jaw.
  • Does not shed.
  • Can be used with both powder and cream products.

Cons of Marc Jacobs The Shape Contour and Blush Brush:

  • Cannot be used with all products back to back, needs to be cleaned in between applications.
  • Expensive.
  • Though it can be used for blush and highlight, it is not the best tool for doing so.

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  1. Neha, after getting the mac pro concealer palette, I have realized the importance of having good brushes. Wish to have a brush like this in my kitty 🙂

    1. Jomol, I haven’t tried this brush so can’t comment about it. However, if u want a good brush for powder contouring, get the NARS Ita. It is the best, n the most effortless brush for the job – imho!

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