Margo Original Neem Face Wash Review

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I have recently got back from a trip to my mom’ s place. It was a sudden short trip with husband’s friends with practically no time for me to pack! So in a hurry I had forgotten to take my personal care products along with me and had to visit a small shop near my home to buy some stuff. There I got this face wash from Margo and have been using it for a few days now.

Earlier in childhood days, we used to get this Margo Neem soap, which my mom was very fond of. During summers she would get that to keep us away from those heat boils and pimples. So when I saw this neem variant of Margo face wash, I quickly grabbed it along with some other stuff which I am going to review very soon for you guys.

Margo Original Neem Face Wash

Read below to know how this product fared….

Product Description:
Enriched with the purest form of Neem, Margo Original Neem Face wash helps actively fight germs that cause acne/pimples, while moisturizing your skin deeply. So your skin stays clear and healthy with Very wash.

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Price: INR 55 for 50 Gms

The face wash comes in a regular plastic tube packaging green in color with the brand’s name and variant printed in the front in silver while the directions for use, ingredient list and some other information is mentioned in white at the back panel of the tube.

Margo Original Neem Face Wash

The face wash is available in 50 Gms and 100 Gms packaging. I picked up 50 Gms package as I wanted to try it out and it can conveniently be carried in my bag. The tube has a flip plastic cap that shuts tightly with a click making it leak proof and travel friendly.

My Experience with Margo Original Neem Face Wash:

Actually I did not expect too much from this face wash as it was one of my on the go shopping product. However I am surprised with its performance as it worked fairly well in cleaning my face without breaking me out!

Margo Original Neem Face Wash

It has the typical Neem fragrance that does not linger for long. It might be a little overpowering for people with sensitive nose as it feels kind of an artificial smell. The face wash has a little runny consistency and a very little amount is required to cleanse your face. This small package would easily last a month for me. I have even used it to remove mild makeup from my face and it does the job very well leaving my face squeaky clean.

Margo Original Neem Face Wash

The only drawback I found with this is that it makes my skin a little dry after application so I need to moisturize immediately after using the face wash.

Pros of Margo Original Neem Face Wash:

• Easily available.
• Sturdy travel friendly packaging.
• Budget friendly.
• Does not break me out.
• Cleanses the face well.
• Removes mild make up.
• Contains neem which is good for the skin.

Cons of Margo Original Neem Face Wash:

• Overpowering Fragrance.
• Makes my skin dry after use.

IMBB Rating: 3.9/5

Final Verdict:
I would definitely keep this product for my travel kit and probably buy one more after this. You all can give this a try for summers as it does the job well without burning a hole in your pockets. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Margo Original Neem Face Wash Review

    1. Hi nisita, it definitely did not cause any acne or new breakouts for me. But these days my face is actually clean without any pimples, so can’t say if it will improve the acne condition.

    1. Yeah Garima, you can go ahead and try. Just moisturize ur skin after washing so that it doesn’t make ur skin feel dry 🙂

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