Margosa Holy Basil Body Scrub Soap Review

Margosa Holy Basil Body Scrub Soap

“In Swahili, the word for Neem [Mwarobaini] means ‘Tree of 40’ as it is believed to treat 40 different diseases”
Margosa Holy Basil Body Scrub
This soap is 100% veg and it is handmade by village artisans in India.

This is made from Margosa and Holy Basil Oil, Purified water and glycerine soap base.

The 125 gm bar costs Rs.130 and has a shelf life of 2 years.

I purchased this from an online shopping portal you must visit at least once. They had awesome discount offers after I did my first purchase [hand bag] so got very tempted to try their soaps. That is when I bought this for less than half the price !!
Margosa scrub
The soap is dark green in color as that of neem and the other side of the soap has a scrub pad. This is how it looked initially but as I started using it, the scrub like thing started wearing off and came into tiny bits like that of wood !! Though this does not disturb me much I have to make sure that such tiny bits doesn’t stay on my body anymore after the bath.

The soap has a strong fragrance. It doesn’t smell like neem exactly but something herbal. If you are a person who likes the herbal smell and who enjoys a herbal bath will love this for sure. Though the fragrance is very strong the same does not linger around for a long time. Once you are done with your bath you can hardly feel the smell.
Margosa bar
The bar is pretty big and heavy and I think this is going to last me for good 2-3 months [even if used everyday]. Make sure you keep it in a dry place as it tends to get easily dissolved if it stays soaked in water.

Pros of Margosa Holy Basil Body Scrub Soap

• Easily available online. Check out
• 100% veg.
• You are helping village artisans in India by buying this soap.
• The bar is pretty big and heavy and it lasts really long.
• Gives the feel of a herbal bath [if the fragrance is not disturbing you].

Cons of Margosa Holy Basil Body Scrub Soap

• Very strong fragrance. Sometimes I even get head ache that I rush to finish my bath.
• The scrub is not very helpful. Actually I don’t understand the purpose of it !
• The fragrance doesn’t last long. The smell vanishes as soon as you step out of the shower. Though I don’t expect all the strong fragrance to linger around I expect at least a faint smell to be felt for quite some time.

My Rating– 3/5

Will I Repurchase– No, but might try their other soaps. I can’t bear the strong smell and also I don’t like the scrub wearing off. So I am not too fond of it. Might be this will be a good summer soap.

I have already got their Mango soap and I am yet to try it!

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  1. it seems good in the first pic, but yes it wears off with use, i like herbal soaps , nice one, may think of it ! :thumbsup:

  2. This one looks like so eeks….. :yuck: n scary kinds….but the website looks interesting….will check out for other stuff…. :yes:

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