Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) Review


I have been wanting to try this brand for a really long time. Finally, I have laid my hands on them. For eye make-up, I have used various cleansing brands which did a good job. I was just bored with them and wanted a change.

Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) 2


Gently remove all eye make-up with no greasy residue left behind. Easy to remove and reapply make-up immediately.


Moisten a cotton pad with gel. Press gently on eyelids and lashes and wipe in downward direction until all traces of eye make-up are removed. Cleanse face as usual.

Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) 2

Ingredients: Deionized Water (Aqua),Petrolatum,Glycerin,Carnation Oil,Euphrasia (Officinalis) Extract

Price: 634/- for 59 ml.

My Experience Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) :

I have sensitive skin with redness and I am extra careful when it comes to using anything on the eyes. After using cleansing lotions which tend to make the lids oils, this has been a wonderful change. I wanted a non-oily option that wasn’t too expensive. The plastic of the bottle is very soft and easy to carry around during trips. The gel squeezes out of the bottle easily and has a creamy,thick consistency.

Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) 3

I just need a tinniest bit for one eye. I take two cotton pads and wet them. I massaged the gel in circular motion very gently. Please be gentle else wrinkles would be on their way. Took a wet cotton pad and boom 90% make up gone already. I was like WHATTT. I took the second wet cotton pad and worked on the tough areas more, like water line, lower eye lash line, inner corners and by the end all was gone. Earlier, I used to take about two q-tips dipped in cleansing gel or makeup remover to work on tough areas and use one more q-tip after I have washed off my face just to be very sure there is nothing left on the eye. But with this gel formula, I did not need any once I was done with it. Just to be sure, I still took a q-tip after I washed off my face and absolutely clear. Not even a slight pinch of the make-up was left.

Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) 4

eye makeup remover

The claims of it being non-oily is what I agree with. It doesn’t feel that I have even used a make up remover. Absolutely no trace of oil! Because I need a tiny bit, this bottle would last me a long time. The water proof liners, mascara or tough colours came off so easily. It doesn’t sting in my eyes, no stickiness and doesn’t leave any residue. I really appreciate that it doesn’t sting my sensitive skin. And I don’t have to tug or repeatedly wipe and stretch out the delicate skin around my eyes. No scent or smell at all.

Though, after I massage it round my eyes, it does create a mess (it melts everything) but two wet cotton pads clear that off as well. My only concern is petroleum in the ingredients and I think I will have to do some research before I re-order this.

My Likes about Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily):

• Good for eyes with contact lens (it claims, I don’t use them though)
• Easy to use
• Effective
• Gentle
• Non- greasy and non-oily
• Works well on sensitive eyes
• Soothing
• Unscented
• Not tested on animals

My Dislikes about Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily):

• It would be hard to get the remaining last bit out; a tube would be better.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I recommend and repurchase Mario Badescu Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily)?

I would recommend this, simply to try at least once. It is so inexpensive and I really think you should give it a shot if you are a fan of the brand.

Thank you for reading!

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