Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Lavender Eau de Toilette Review

Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Lavender Eau de Toilette

Another perfume review here on IMBB! I got this fragrance as a gift, no occasion, however. The floral collection extends to lily of valley, magnolia and rose.

Claim: With a traditional relaxing fragrance of lavender, this sophisticated eau de toilette evokes a timeless femininity.

Olfactive notes: Lavender and powder.


Price: Rs.500.


My experience with Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Lavender Eau de Toilette:

Worst experience in perfumes EVER!!! When I received the perfume, I was excited to try it out as I am a fragrance lover, but this, I just wanted to murder. Everything about this scent is bad, just bad. It has just lavender to its note content and though, just one note is not what makes this so unappealing, I happen to love the rose fragrance from the same line; there is something about the lavender that does not smell right. I have smelt lavender before, I mean, who has not? I love lavender in general, just not this one. It is a powdery scent, too powdery, in fact, powdery to the extent of cloying. It chokes the breath out of you. I feel like I am about to die every time I take a whiff of it. I have tried using it, but then I go out feeling like a lunatic, with a massive headache. Oh, yes, it is one of those brain freezer perfumes. Only, some of those perfumes tend to affect so if you put them on too much, but otherwise are pleasant and nice to smell. This, however, gives you a freeze and a choked breath the moment you spray it, like I have mentioned, even one spray or even take a whiff. It does not even smell any great to suffice for all such pains. It smells rather redundant. Quite like old, cheap lavender soap. Do not go by the claim, there is nothing relaxing (more like choking), sophisticated (more like cheap) or feminine (just isn’t) about this fragrance.

It does last for a decent period of time, like the other fragrances in the collection, 3-4 hours at a time. However, these three to four hours are going to be a mini hell for your olfactory nerves, your lungs and your brain.


The sillage is not all that great. One could smell it off you while hugging or if the person is close enough. This particular person will, too, suffer for the next five minutes:-p, but not as much as you, who is wearing it.


The packaging is elegant. Both the box and the bottle are lavender in colour and are pretty to look at. The cap is firmly set and if you have it in my size, the 30 ml one, it is easy to carry around as well. The atomizer gives out a decent amount on every spray, though it lacks smoothness unlike perfumes from most luxury brands.It is a fragrance you can’t wear anywhere or at any point of time. Have not I said enough already about the dirge of wearing it? 🙁


Pros of Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Lavender Eau de Toilette:

1. Effective and pretty packaging. That is all:-p

Cons of Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Lavender Eau de Toilette:

: 1. The smell of lavender is just wrong.
2. The amount of powder to the scent is overwhelming.
3. Smells cheap.
4. It is choking.
4. Acts as a brain freezer.
5. It is just plain and simple BAD!

IMBB Rating: 1/5.

Will I ever purchase Marks and Spencer Floral Collection Lavender Eau de Toilette?


You think? Never!!! I would suggest you not buy this, like ever. Never get excited if you receive this as gift, like in my case, because it is just a major disappointment. Who wants to smell like cheap lavender powder or soap? No one.

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  1. Hey I have the Magnolia from the same collection and is it is just as bad…
    I am stuck with the entire gift set…

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