Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly Pure Honey Night Cream Review

Marks and Spencer Royal Jelly Pure Honey Night Cream

A luxurious, rich facial moisturiser combining royal jelly, honey and a blend of moisturising ingredients to condition and nourish the skin while you sleep.

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It nourishes your skin while you sleep
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Product Size: 100 ml


Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types

I want to start with something very important I need to mention about my skin, overall I have oily skin, I am 29 so I am kind of looking for maintenance things, having a kid early in life has also been a factor I in giving me little dull skin.Earlier on I was quite happy with my skin, it was clear and glowing but with time and age and sun,I think we all should be taking extra care.

Now here is the important part,whenever in life I have used anti-aging, sunscreens and sun blocks, fairness creams, or any kind of day cream with sunscreen, I have witnessed a kind of itchy bumpy red skin, which i need to cure with betnovate, so yes I am on the sensitive side, with oily and acne prone skin earlier on in humid weather but dry weather helps me better, I am fair to medium with pinker undertones. (My conclusion to all the products which have a common factor, Benzophenone-3 which is a sunscreen agent. benzophenone-3 absorbs UVB and short UVA rays, I am allergic to products with this ingredient.)


So whenever it comes to sunscreens or anti aging creams, I stay at an arm’s distance, hence I was not into night creams because I thought I am sure these comes with some anti aging properties which will give me itchy skin, but this time I think I have found a soothing calming gentle and still awesome night cream for my oily skin at this age, hence this review is for everyone who thinks night creams are not for them as they haven’t been able to find the right one.


This cream is honey based and looks like a simple creme, cream colored one, it smells a little herbal which I did not like much, but the cream is the right blend of greasiness and water based hydration, it is not so light so as to not work for normal skin, it is neither too heavy or oily to irritate oily skin, it is just right but it is on the oily side rather than mattifying ofcourse.


You need very less, few dots around the face and enck and it absorbs well leaving a slight layer of oil on the face which is necessary as a night cream.I like it as it soothing and calming, redness or sun exposed skin also feels calm, so this is a huge hit for me.


In the morning face looks slightly oily but much smoother, and even toned and glowing, overtime may be even less than 20 days, I have not faced any breakouts so far, but if you have acne prone skin or are less than 25 years you do not need to try this, for me it works great.I do not have wrinkles or fine lines so cannot comment on that part.


I am recommending this to medium oily,combination and normal skin,  over 25 years, even dry skin could like it IMO, not to acne prone skin. Itgives the right hydration and oils to the skin, leaving it smoother, calmer and I find this cream very gentle.I will not experimenting with night creams after this one and will repurchase this often.

IMBB rating:4.75/5

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  1. Omigodd!! i sooooooo want it….. *hihi* *hihi*
    Am in search of good night cream *announce* *announce* n finishing my Lotus nutranite soon …
    *thankyou* neha ! *blush*

  2. *woot* *woot*….what a review Neha….kudos!! Just loved it…u explained the product so well…although I cant use it…but will def recommend it to my sis-in-law….thanks!!

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