Marks and Spencer Daly Tone Zone Lift and Tighten Body Perfector Review

Marks and Spencer Daly Tone Zone Lift and Tighten Body Perfector

Hello everyone. I don’t know why, but more than beauty products I have lotions in my drawer. Either I end up buying them, or somebody gifts me. Today again I am about to review one of them which was gifted to me by my cousin from London. I scolded him a lot, and advised him to bring me lip colors and eye shades next time. Anyways beginning with:


Product description: This lotion in exclusive to marks and Spencer and has been named lift and tighten body perfector. Why so? Continue reading for the product claims and you would get the answer. The lotion comes in pretty pink tube. The details have been beautifully written on it in golden and black colour.

Product claims: After showering or bathing is the best time to apply this invigorating, firming body perfector. The Daly Tone Zone’s silk like gel instantly refreshes the skin and with continued use helps to firm, for a superstar hot body!

Price: 7.5 GBP

Quantity: 150ml



I always prefer to click a picture to show the ingredients. So again I have done the same, please take a look. Please excuse me for my laziness.

Directions of use: Massage all over your body for an invigorating effect.

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My take on Marks and Spencer Daly Tone Zone Lift and Tighten Body Perfector:

Let me begin with the very first true claim of the lotion. It is actually silky soft in texture which on application immediately gets absorbed in the skin. It is milky white in colour with a strong fragrance. The moment you open the cap, you would be able to sniff it. It might bother your nose while application, but do not worry. This fragrance won’t stay for long. If you wash off the hands, fragrance will vanish off in seconds but if you don’t, it will stay for not more than 1 hour. Not too strong, but only feeble. Next claim of having a firmer skin after the application, I actually cannot comment on this one. Being at the age of 23, my skin has enough collagen to withstand sagging. I need not have any extra thing to make my skin firmer. As per it claims of giving a super star body, I am sorry to say but I did not notice any such effect. I have been using this only as lotion past 1 month, but I couldn’t find any visible difference. The only thing worth appreciation is the rapid absorbance in the skin and non greasiness formula. Overall it provides your skin nice refreshment with its fragrance and texture, but it is not highly luxurious kind of item I would say.


Pros of Marks and Spencer Daly Tone Zone Lift and Tighten Body Perfector:

• The pretty pink packaging, I mean from its look it can be guessed that it is a girly stuff.
• The texture is good enough, including the advantage of rapid absorbance into the skin.
• The fragrance to some extent is appealing for those who love strong fragrances.
• Travel friendly, as it would easily settle in your purse.

Cons of Marks and Spencer Daly Tone Zone Lift and Tighten Body Perfector:

• As I told you I have been using it more or less as a lotion, it did not turn out to be a good in providing the moisture to my skin.
• It would nourish the skin only for a while after which the hands would again turn dry.
• The fragrance sometimes on application bothers my nose.
• Availability in India is a problem.

Would I recommend its use to others?

The answer to this question is a big no. I did not find anything extra ordinarily amazing. It is just another lotion for me with an extra bit of fragrance.

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  1. nice review 🙂 cute packaging *pompom* bt full of chemicals *headbang* may be penta hecta octa parabens are left in this hehe rofl rofl nt my cup of tea …for chemicals *headbang* *scared* *nonono* *nababana*

  2. The packaging is soooo damn cute *woot* *woot* lol if you don’t like it keep it in your closet so that it looks attractive *hihi* *hihi* i have never seen this around but wanna try once if i spot it *hifive* *hifive*

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