Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream Review

Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream

Hello my sweethearts,

I am so sad since yesterday because Lakme is coming to my college and I cannot sit for an interview because I missed two presentations of some other companies, so I am not eligible for it. I always wanted to get some work which I am good at and after joining IMBB I don’t think I will be scared of any competitor girl because I have gained so much knowledge about the company.

Marks & spencerfoaming bath cream

Anyways I am going to try something off campus because I am certainly not made for a job with a lot of papers and office work lol. Getting back from the sob mode, today’s review is a shower cream. I have already reviewed the Magnolia variant and I got this set as a gift and when I got it I was like oh my god, why again? I mean I already had that 500 ml bottle to finish but not being rude I accepted it cheerfully and thanked my aunt a lot.

Price: Rs 600 for 500 ml

What Marks & Spencer say: With a traditional relaxing fragrance of lavender, this foam bath gently cleanses and moisturises leaving skin soft and delicately fragranced.

• 500ml
• Delicate lavender fragrance
• Gently cleanses and moisturises skin

Directions: Pour into running water and immerse yourself into the relaxing fragrant bubbles.

Marks &Spencer foaming bath cream

My take on Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream:

This particular range has 7 to 8 items and there are many different variants such as the rose, lily of valley, iris etc. They all come in beautiful and elegant looking bottles, I got magnolia fragrance for myself and my aunt gifted me this lavender one recently. I wanted to try the rose one because first I really like rose flower and second it just smells blissful and soft.

The shower cream and foaming essence/bath cream are not the same although they look alike, both vary in texture and smell. I have both the products and feel that I’ll have a tough time in finishing them up because I really get bored of the same smell quickly. Coming to this one, it comes in a big fat cylindrical plastic bottle and is not at all travel friendly. But it has a floral design all over and looks so damn gorgeous. Also the cap is a little transparent white in colour and looks classy. I don’t think so there was a small size in this one so got the big one. It will surely last for 3 months even if used everyday.

The one thing that I did not like about the packaging design is that it has a very big mouth which gives out a lot of product than needed, which further results in wastage. It comes in a shimmery lilac colour which may actually look silverish in the pictures and the consistency is runny unlike the shower cream. It lathers up quite well with the help of a loofah. Coming to the fragrance, it is a pure floral one. Genuinely telling it did not smell like lavender because I have many other lavender products and they are far better than this one. It has a weird floral scent, something I wouldn’t like my body smelling like. However the fragrance liking differs from person to person, so sniff it yourself before picking it up. I have mixed feelings about the smell as it becomes a little too much after using it for a few days. The fragrance stays on the body for like an hour after taking bath and then completely goes away. It is moisturising enough on the skin and one may skip a body lotion, alteast oily skinned beauties, after using it. However you might want to reconsider skipping body lotions in dry winter months. Overall it was okay for me as I am not a big fan of lavender fragrances but people who love floral fragrances may like this one.

Marks & spencer foaming bath cream

Pros of Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream:

-Nicely priced and available everywhere
-Quantity is like too much which will work out for 3 months minimum
-People who love floral fragrances will totally like the floral collection of this brand
-The smell is a floral one; so floral fans will not complain but the fruity fragrances might
-The packaging is super attractive and looks royal on the shelf
-It smells luxurious and rich while taking bath
-The fragrance lingers for a while after taking bath
-It cleans up the skin very well and lathers well too
-It moisturises the skin nicely after taking bath but not during winters

Cons of Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream:

-It does not have a hole in between for the product to come out and the mouth is too big that a lot of time the product gets wasted
-Super big and sturdy to not travel friendly
-People who do not like floral fragrances are not going to like this
-Need of a separate moisturiser in winters
-It did not smell good to me I mean I that lovely lavender smell was missing somewhere but depends upon you how you like it

Will I repurchase/recommend Marks & Spencer Lavender Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream?

Fruity fragrance lovers do stay away from this one as this is something unique and everyone will not like this smell. However people use to floral fragrances, try this out but even when I haven’t used the rose one I would tell you to try that because I sniffed it and it smelled better than magnolia or lavender. I don’t have plan to get this one for years because I think it will take me a long time to finish it off.

Rating: 3/5

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    and M&S really shud revamp their bottle size and nozzle. I too face same problem

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