Marks and Spencer Lip Butter in Eastern Cherry Review

Marks and Spencer Lip Butter in Eastern Cherry

Hello beautiful ladies!

How are you all? Today I am going to do a review on Marks and Spencer Lip Butter in Eastern Cherry. By now you must have known how obsessed I am with these lip butters. So this time it’s M&S eastern cherry lip butter. So I am going to go ahead and share my views about the product with you guys. So let’s get started…

What the Product claims: Chosen with care, inspired by ingredients from around the world.


To use: Smooth on to lips to leave them soft and moisturized.

Quantity: 14 g

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My Take on Marks and Spencer Lip Butter in Eastern Cherry:

The product comes in a red colored tube with brown colored cap. The cap is a screw one. The detailing on the tube is nice. I liked each and every packaging of the lip butter by M&S that I have used by now.

I expected the product inside to be red in color ( the coconut one was white and the raspberry one was pink in color, so I thought it would be red) but bummer, it is also pink in color. I was like what!!!!! It should be red, it’s cherry variant and it’s PINK??? The pink exactly like the raspberry one. Well slowly I adjusted with this fact. The fragrance is however different. Unlike the raspberry one it’s nice.


The lip butter made my lips soft and well moisturized. It swiftly glides on my lips. The product is not at all thick and therefore it feels very light on the lips. It’s not sticky at all. So if you are looking for lip butter for summers you can definitely give this a try. It nourishes the lips well and give them tinge of pink color ( bummer,it should have been red). Lips also look shinier than before. What I personally think that the mediterranean raspberry variant and eastern cherry variant are exactly the same except for the fragrance ( the formulation is exactly the same). So I will say it is a better version of the raspberry with improved fragrance. Yes the product is very easy to carry and easily fits into bag. Overall I think it’s a great product. If you want great formulation plus nice packaging plus nice fragrance plus pinky tinge on your lips you can definitely try this out.

Pros of Marks and Spencer Lip Butter in Eastern Cherry:

• Moisturizes and nourishes lips.
• Lips become soft
• Great formulation
• Swiftly glides over the lips
• Easy to carry, very handy
• It’s M&S


Cons of Marks and Spencer Lip Butter in Eastern Cherry:

It’s pink in color while I expected it to be red. Well this is not a con exactly but I didn’t like this thing so I am putting it under con.

Will I Repurchase It? Yes, it’s great product, improved version of the raspberry one.

Special Comments to Company: Please make it in red color.

RATINGS: 4.5/5 (-0.5 just for the color…..)

I hope you liked the review and find it useful. See you next time. Have a beautiful day dolls.

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