Marks Spencer Royal Jelly Honey Facial Moisturizer

Review on Marks & Spencer Royal Jelly & Pure Honey Light Facial Moisturizer

Hey friends! I had been on an almost two week holiday and so there are a lot of pending articles from me. The DIYs and eye makeup tutorials will start soon but before that let me just do some product reviews for you all first ☺ This moisturizer that I am talking about today won my heart totally! Read on to find more.

marks spencer royal jelly honey facial moisturizer

Product name: Marks & Spencer Royal Jelly & Pure Honey Natural skin Nutrition Light Facial Moisturizer SPF 6 (long name! 😉 )


Price: This was a gift so I am not really sure.


Packaging: Although it can be a hygiene issue for some, I like tub packaging a lot and this moisturizer comes in a transparent plastic tub with a screw lid. The lid has a golden colored ring around it which makes it classy.

Type of product: a soufflé like light facial moisturizer with SPF content

marks spencer royal jelly honey facial moisturizer

Mentioned ingredients: Royal jelly, acacia honey and Panthenol

Texture: Personally, I really prefer thick creams during winters as my skin tends to be on the drier side now. But let’s face it, even though I spread Boroline all over my face at night before I hop onto bed, I can’t expect to use it during the day. So what actually fascinated me about this crème was that in spite of its extremely light texture, my skin actually seems to “drink” all the moisture and look supple sans the stickiness! The crème, suffice it to say, blends like a dream and there is no shiny layer left on the face after using it. Now here comes a comparison: I may sound weird, but I generally prefer creams which leave at least some oiliness on the face compared to totally “un-oily” ones like those fairness creams. The latter leaves a whitish stretchy feel on my face which I absolutely loathe! The heavier creams moisturize my skin well in winters but I have to bear with the oily layer too. So, this one was like a boon to me! My face remained moisturized for 7 hours after which I had to reapply the crème. Believe me, you will LOVE the way your skin feels after you use this . 🙂

Fragrance: to me it smelled only of jasmine, I don’t really know what acacia honey smells like so I can’t compare.

Age group who can use this: Because of its light texture, I feel it can be used by women of all age groups.

Do I recommend this? A definite yes!

Whom do I recommend this to? This is a savior for all those women who need moisture boost without the oily layer. It can serve as the perfect moisture layer before make up. In fact, those with clear skin can just use this, apply mascara and lip gloss and start the day with a fresh look . 🙂  The SPF content makes things better.

Will I repurchase it? Of course!

Disappointments: After reading all these good points, the only disappointment this one has to offer is its availability. Finding this in Indian stores can be a tough job. Mine was gifted from someone who returned from a trip abroad. But of course, this can be ordered online.

I hope my review was helpful. Take care ladies!

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8 thoughts on “Marks Spencer Royal Jelly Honey Facial Moisturizer

  1. i have no clue Devie 😛 we got them to use as hair accessories for my cousin’s wedding 🙂 they look good when worn on hair 🙂

  2. I really like the royal jelly range! And actually, from what I’ve seen, the royal jelly range is available in a whole lot of M&S stores here in India.
    Good review, Aparajita 🙂

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