Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel Berry Bliss Review

Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel Berry Bliss

Mary Kay is one of my favourite brands, because they always deliver what they claim, and they aren’t very expensive. Sure, they are on the pricey side, but they are totally worth it.
I splurge very rarely, and if at all, I will splurge only on skin care products, and not on makeup. However, this colour was so pretty, I just could not resist picking it up.

mary kay signature nail enamel
mary kay signature nail enamel

Although the brand supposedly came to India in 2007, I cannot find it in many major stores or beauty supply stores in India. This can also be bought online (eBay or Craigslist), or from a Mary Kay consultant (a Mary Kay consultant can get products at 50% cheaper than retail price, with initial cost of $100).
Or you can just buy it from a local store (like I did), if available where you live.
This nail polish is called “Berry Blast” and this is such a good name for this shade. It looks like raspberry syrup in the sunlight. It also has these minute (very minute) glitter particles in it, that make it shimmer ever so slightly, but not too much. No, it’s not what you’re thinking. It’s exactly like non-glitter nail enamel, but if you look at a drop of it in the sunlight, you will see flecks of shine in it. However, in normal lighting, it looks like a sober colour (as you can see in the pictures, on my nails).

The bottle is a tall one, with a good long, slim brush for easy application. The brush is pretty okay, and actually reaches the bottom of the bottle, so that not a lot of the nail polish goes to waste. It is a 9ml (0.31 fl oz) bottle, so it is a pretty good amount.

Can be bought for anything between $4 to $10 (i.e. 180 to 450) (I paid $7 for mine, i.e. around 300)

mary kay berry
mary kay berry

It lasts for:
A single coat application will last for at least 3 days on my nails, if I don’t use them as tools for those three days. A double coat lasts for a week (base coat and double coat), and with a top coat, would last for maybe two days more.

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mary kay picture 3
mary kay picture 3

Goes on very well, mirror like finish, doesn’t streak, and looks great.
It looks good on nails of all lengths as well.
It also comes off very easily, and doesn’t dry out your nails.

mary kay picture 4
mary kay picture 4

However, use a base coat if you plan to leave it on for more than two days, as it might stain your nails, being such a dark color.

mary kay picture 5
mary kay picture 5

Pros of Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel Berry Bliss:

• Doesn’t streak
• Good, deep color
• Can be used only with one coat (if you’re in a hurry)
• Looks good on nails of any length
• Very smooth application
• Good quantity in one bottle
• Is a breeze to take off, yet doesn’t chip easily
• Can last for up to a week
• Lengthened brush (easier to apply)
• Good for nail art! (slim brush)
• Durability. I’m not talking about on the nails. You know how sometimes, old colors you bought months ago are suddenly dried up? Well, I bought this one two years ago (approx.) and it is still as smooth as new. Surprising, but true! And there is no separate layer on top or anything. It’s as if I bought it just yesterday.

Cons of Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel Berry Bliss:
• Price is quite high.
• Availability is another question. However, since they have launched in India (I honestly do not know where!), it should be found somewhere.

If your pocket permits, a truly good buy, and no chance for regret.

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24 thoughts on “Mary Kay Signature Nail Enamel Berry Bliss Review

  1. i loved the colour.maybe its expensive but i will try more cleansers from them as i get it around whr i stay.
    also we share one thing in comoon sam even i would splurge only on skin care .or lets say skin care would be a priority.make up comes later 😉
    well written :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

        1. I bought it when I went back home (Abu Dhabi) in 2009. A drugstore stocked them (the owner was a MK consultant), but it is now closed down, because she transferred to Oman. 😐 I paid 25 dirhams then. 🙂

  2. Your nails looks awesome. Lovely colour. MaryKay also retails through agents here. I picked up a foundation last year but unfortunately turned out too light for me

  3. Sam, very nice shade of nail polish. I spend more on skin care than make up. All I have is a TG foundation and TG compact. I like the color of your lips. Can you please tell me which color/gloss you are wearing. thanks

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