Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask Review

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I did a small haul of MaskerAide sheet masks recently. I bought four variants and will be reviewing them for you one by one, but let me warn you from the beginning, I absolutely loved these masks.

Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

Product Description:
Our masks are free of Parabens, Harsh Dyes & Pigments, Mineral Oils, Artificial Fragrances, Benzophenone, Glycerin. Gone are the days of using harsh scrubs and drying clays.  Our Detox Diva mask (formulated with natural Geranium Oil, Seaweed and Green Tea Leaf Extracts) helps to minimize pores, absorb impurities and protect from toxins and free-radicals without removing your skin’s essential natural oils. Chinese Plum, Strawberry and Lemon Fruit Extracts go to work to gently exfoliate and lift dead skin cells revealing clear luminous skin, while Argan Oil and Honey keep your skin happy and hydrated.

How to use sheet mask

Directions For Use:
1. To prepare face for your at home facial, start by cleansing and toning your skin.
2. Tear open packet. Gently unfold mask and place on face. Adjust over eyes, nose and mouth for a perfect fit. Rub any excess serum into neck and chest.
3. Relax for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and discard. Gently pat moisture into skin or give a quick rinse and lightly pat dry.
4. Use once per week. Can be used daily.

INR 400 for a single sheet.

sheet mask

My Experience with Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask:

I was so excited to try these sheet masks. I love the idea of sheet masks. The packaging of these masks is fun and quirky. It comes in a plastic sachet with colourful images that has to be torn to take the sheet mask out. There is information and directions along with diagrams on the back which were very helpful and made the process of using the mask easy. The sachet was easy to tear open.

Maskeraide sheet mask

This mask has clear serum which is light in consistency.  They say it’s great for day or night time use and before makeup application. The mask sheet is made of cellulose and is very soft. The size of the sheet will be good enough for most faces. There are holes on the mask which fit well around the eyes, nose and lip. The holes are big enough and do not cramp the nose or force you to keep your eyes closed. It is extremely easy to place on the face, covering most of the area.

The directions for use are written on the back of the mask packet. I followed the instructions as given. Firstly, I cleansed and toned my face and then applied it on my face. There was extra serum in the sachet which I applied on my neck as suggested in the instructions. I kept it for around 30 minutes. The quantity of the serum in the mask is really good. Even after keeping it for the said time, there was still a lot of amount left on the sheet.

Sheet mask

My skin felt hydrated as soon as I removed the mask. I did not feel the need to apply moisturiser after removing the mask. The mask was very cooling and smelled very clean. My skin did look exfoliated and refreshing. There was a glow on my face, which lasted for a few days after using the mask. My skin felt so soft, I felt like touching it again and again. The thing that I was worried about was it breaking me out, but thankfully, there were no breakouts. It also claims to tighten the pores. My pores did look smaller than before, but not incredibly so, maybe with more than one use, it will tighten the pores. These MaskerAide masks are so drenched in serum that they don’t harden on the face. Even after 30 minutes of wear, they still feel moist.

Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask

Overall, I love the sheet mask. You don’t have to carry your full vanity on holidays as it is extremely travel friendly.

Pros of Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask:

  • The mask is drenched in serum.
  • Hydrates and exfoliates the skin.
  • Clean fragrance.
  • Cooling and refreshing.
  • Gives your skin a glow.
  • Leaves the skin soft and supple.
  • Easy to use.
  • Not time consuming.
  • Free of harsh chemicals.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Hygienic.

Cons of Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask:

  • Slightly expensive for a one-time use product.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Masker Aide Detox Diva Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask?
Certainly yes.

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