Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush – Why is it the Most Expensive Hair Brush Ever!

Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush

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Hope you are all doing well and are all geared up for a little quiz. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard and there are no winners or losers in this quiz. Just answer whatever comes to your mind first. Which is the most romantic place in the world??? Paris. Which is the most wonderful monument in India??? TajMahal. Best Female Tennis player??? Steffi Graf. Best Formula 1 racer??? Michael Schumacher. Best Cricketer in India???? Sachin Tendulkar. Most Beautiful lady???AishwaryaRai. Best Cuisine in the world???? Ma ke haath ka banaa khaana. Best place to live in??? My Maika…..You see, everybody will have different answers, and none of the answers will be incorrect. Similarly, which is the Best Hair Brush in the world???? Do you know????…For me, it is the Mason Pearson Hair Brush. Answer to this question may also vary.

Many of you might not even have heard about it. This is one hair brush, which is one of the oldest, costliest, and almost a collectors’ item sort of hair brush. Many people crave for it, but only few own it. The reason being, IT IS COSTLY. Now, we can justify skin care, hair care, make up, yoga and gym classes as being costly. But a Costly hair brush. Very few people can actually justify it. Today, I am reviewing the Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush.

About Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush:

Regular Brushing plays an important part in t the condition of your hair. The Mason Pearson Hair brush cleans the hair, stimulates the scalp increasing the blood flow to the roots. A natural conditioning oil-Sebum-comes from a gland at the base of every hair; brushing spreads it along the length of every hair giving it strength, suppleness and producing a healthy sheen.

The product design used nowadays is similar to the original 1885 model with the improvements of the fully developed models of the early 1920s. The basic product has not changed since then.The unique rubber-cushion pad, made by hand using Mason Pearson’s original techniques, allows for effective and efficient brushing. It is kind to use and massages the scalp. The cellulose plastic handle is hand-polished and any sharp edges are removed to make the hairbrush more comfortable to hold. This handle was developed from the original wooden design which they continue to make in small quantities. They build their products to last as long as possible.

The Mason Pearson brushes are made of three types of bristles;

• Pure boar bristle tufts- for fine to normal hair(Large Extra, Small Extra, Handy, and Pocket; also Sensitive and Child models);
• Boar Bristle and Nylon tufts{(Mixed); (Popular , Junior, Handy, and Pocket)}-for normal to thick hair; and
• Nylon tufts-for extremely thick hair (Universal, Handy and Pocket).
• Large size has 8 rings of bristles, Medium has 7 rings, Handy has 6 and Pocket has 5 rings. Hair Brushes without handle; also known as Military brushes are also available for men.


· Do not use it on applications for which it is not designed; for example, it is not designed to be used on animals.

· It should not be left continuously in strong sunlight during a large part of its life.

· Do not use oils or spirits on your hairbrush.

· Cleaning: The pad and bristles need to be cleaned periodically. For the best results, use a Cleaning Brush, which comes with all the larger models and can be purchased from them for the Pocket size. Otherwise, use a narrow toothbrush. Follow the cleaning instructions to keep your Mason Pearson Hairbrush in good condition, even after many years of use.

You are advised to wash it more frequently, if it becomes apparent that grease is accumulating quickly. 1. Dry clean as above. 2. Make a lather of lukewarm (never hot) soapy water. Do not use detergents, ammonia, petroleum-based products or shampoos to clean the hairbrush. 3. Dip the Cleaning Brush only, and NOT the hairbrush, into the soapsuds and draw it across the bristles from one end of the pad to the other and then diagonally. Use the tips of the filaments of the Cleaning Brush to brush the surface of the rubber pad, with a light scrubbing action in the same way. Hold the hairbrush so that the head is pointing downwards, with the hole at the bottom. This should never be blocked, either when cleaning or when the brush is in use. 4. Dip the Cleaning Brush in clean rinsing water and apply it to the hairbrush. 5. Shake the hairbrush to remove any excessive moisture and leave it to dry with the handle uppermost, and the pad facing downwards.


I bought my Mason Pearson Junior Mixed Bristle Hair Brush for 99 USD + Shipping a few years back. Pure Boar Bristle brush will cost more, and Pure Nylon brush will cost less. Also, prices may vary depending on size of the brush.

My Experience with Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush:

I researched very thoroughly before buying this hair brush. I have fine, long Asian hair which is plenty in number, so, I decided to go for a Mixed Type brush. Also, seeing the size and cost factor, I decided to go for the Medium (JUNIOR) size hair brush. It comes with a brush cleansing mini brush of its own. I am glad I chose this as this is the perfect size for my hair, and for holding in my hand. I chose the Ebony (Black)color for my Mason Pearson Hair brush, though it comes in various other colors like white, blue, pink, etc.

The overall size of the brush is 8 7/8th by 2 3/4th inches. The rubber pad is red in color. It has & rings of bristles on it. The bristles are of two types: Black color pure Boar bristles and white color Nylon bristles. The name of the brush  is imprinted by Gold lettering at the base of the rubber pad. The name of the brand is imprinted in Gold on the handle of the brush. The brush has a small hole (Air Vent) at the top, which allows air to circulate freely within the rubber pad. On pressing the bristles against the rubber pad, it makes a “whoosh” like sound as the air escapes through the hole.

The handle is shiny, black, sturdy, and good length to hold on to it. The first time I used it, I felt it a bit scratchy on my scalp. But, slowly I realised that this was actually massaging my scalp. It was distributing the sebum along the shaft of my hair. As a result, my hair has become clean, smooth and very soft. It has increased in volume as well. It has become shiny and glistens with health…maybe due to sebum coating my hair shaft. Also, it has decreased my hair fall drastically. It easily detangles my hair without any pain or loss of hair. It has decreased the number of split ends; and does not cause static in my hair. My hair has actually become strong at the roots(like they show in the Garnier Fructis ad).


The main part is the maintenance of this hair brush. I never use it on wet hair or oiled hair. I never wash the hair brush directly under tap or use any spirit or savlon to clean the hair brush. I simply clean this hair brush with the cleansing brush provided. Once a fortnight, I dip the cleansing brush in baby shampoo suds and clean my hair brush with it. Then I simply keep the hair brush in “bristle end facing down” position and let it air dry. I take care to never, ever block the hole at the top with my fingers, either during brushing, or during cleansing. This way, I have maintained my hair brush in its optimum level over the past few years. I have not seen even a single break of bristles over the years.

So, does my hair need this hair brush? Yes, my hair has become totally accustomed to this hair brush, and just loves it. It does not feel scratchy on my scalp any more, and my hair needs less frequent shampooing.

Pros of Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush:

• Extremely good quality, handmade hair brush.
• Made of pure Boar bristles and nylon.
• No shedding of bristles.
• Animals are not harmed during collection of bristles.
• Handle is sturdy, and good length to hold on to.
• My hair has become very soft and smooth/
• Increased the volume of my hair.
• My hair shines with health due to sebum coating.
• Detangles my hair very easily and without any hair loss.
• Decreased split ends.
• Decreased static.
• Hair has become strong at the roots.
• Decreased my hair fall.
• Keeps my hair clean, my hair needs less frequent shampooing.
• Comes with a cleansing brush to clean the hair brush.
• Will last a long, long time if maintained properly.

 Cons of Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush:

• Extremely, extremely costly.
• Availability in India.
• Many fakes are available, so take extreme care while purchasing this.
• High maintenance hair brush.
• Many people may not be accustomed to using a hair brush, might use a comb.

IMBB rating:


Will I repurchase Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush?

I hope I don’t have to. I hope this will last me lifelong. Of course, God forbid, if my hair brush gets damaged, I will definitely repurchase it.

Will I recommend Mason Pearson Nylon+Boar Bristle Junior Hair Brush?

Now, that’s the prime question, and I really can’t answer it. A straight forward answer will be, Yes, Of Course. Brushing the hair with a Mason Pearson hair brush is the best way to distribute the natural oils while exfoliating the scalp and stimulating the circulation of hair follicles. But I have to consider the cost factor too. Also, there are many other cheaper hair brushes which may serve your purpose. Also, there might be people, who have never used a hair brush and are perfectly happy using a comb. But, I will say that this is one heirloom product, which has been in existence and patented for more than 100 years; and if you fancy buying something which will keep your hair healthy, which you can use on and on and on; and also leave it for your next generation, this is the perfect hair brush for you!

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    1. Yes dear, it is 100 bucks few years back… I m just imagining the price of the biggest pure boar bristle brush now… Must be more than 200 usd

  1. Aaahhhh… Ggooood… Answers matched… Grt… I also hope it never gets damaged and i never lose it… Maybe i will pass it on to my bahu… Hairbrush instead of jewellary… Ha ha ha

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……Arps/doc, you have the most expensive brush in the world!! I checked it price, it’s like 6000 now! But it sounds so totally worthy, with the results that you get, I do feel it’s a good investment Arps 🙂

  3. what a pick doc…clap clap. i never knew abt such an amazing hair brush…from where to get it? worth the price for sure….

    1. I got it from uk… Harrods…. Sent by courier to me courtesy my aunt… Actually i have been hankering after this for quite some time… So she bought it and sent it to me… I paid up in installments…. Lol

  4. Wow 6000 bucks. LoL i just read the Shaun the sheep’s tangle teezer review and calculated that this brush’s price is equivalent to 6 tangle teezers. 😀 But I guess this price is justified since it have boar bristles along with other features.

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