How to Match your Shoes with Handbags

Smart bag and pretty shoes always make a statement. Matching shoes and hand bags creates a polished and a put together look. Whereas, mismatching your shoes and hand bag creates a unique and fun fashion statement. So, it all depends on your taste and what you want to showcase.

shoes and handbag

As far as I am concerned I am a sucker for both. But I try to match my shoes with my outfit and then grab a bag which goes best with the entire look. This helps me to have some space in my closet and also save me a lot of money.

In this article I have tried to get together some points on matching your shoes with your bags. Hope they help.

Some tips to match your shoes and handbag:

• Mix metallic and matte: Silver looks sleek with black, while gold looks good with browns.
• Try to match tones and textures: Wear a high gloss shoe with a velvet bag (or vice versa) to bring the right amount of shine in your accessories.

shoes and bags

• Stay in one style: Never try to wear stilettos with a sporty bag if you care for your reputation. Grab a clutch instead.
• Prints and solids go together: Balance loud patterns with basic colours. Leopard print looks chic pared with bright red colour. Boots and hobo bags make a good pair. Lace and satin also add to the overall look.
• You can try to make one of them too neutral like matching the dress and get the second one to be rather extravagant to pop the eyes. This is probably the safest way to go about it if you want a splash of colour but are afraid to go overboard.

Do not restrict yourself with these tips. Keep trying stuff in order to find out what works best for you.

Do you match your shoes and bags everytime you go out?

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