Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review


I have extremely frizzy, unruly and curly hair. Whenever I wash my hair, it gets frizzy and unmanageable. I wanted to get my hands on the matrix range especially the hydratherapy. But in the store I spotted this one and thought “just what my hair needs” and picked up this one instead. It also was paraben free so all the more reason for me to try it! Read on to see if this lived up to its claim.

matrix biolage shampoo

What the website claims? Smooththérapie – smoothes frizzy, unruly, medium to coarse hair with the silky serum of Camellia flower seed to continuously control frizz in hot, humid seasons while replenishing hair’s moisture during dry cool seasons. Hair stays naturally smooth,year-round, even in up to 97% humidity*.(*system of shampoo, conditioner and serum.)
Cleanses as it smooths and helps control frizz with light weight nourishment for polished shine, smoothness and manageability.

Directions to use: Wet hair and lather with a gently massaging motion. Rinse. Follow with Biolage Deep smoothing conditioner.
Price: Rs.190 for 200 ml

My take on the product: I was skeptical about this range as it says “*system of shampoo, conditioner and serum.” So it means I should use the shampoo, conditioner and the serum together to actually get the result! But I did not mind that as all I wanted was something to tame my hair. I wanted to get all the three products, but the serum was out of stock. So I got the shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo comes in a usual matrix white bottle with a flip cap. The cap is pretty tight and travel friendly! The shampoo is transparent and is quite thick. It has a refreshing mild citrusy smell, which I guess is the smell of Camellia flower. It produces good lather and cleanses my hair completely (even after oiling my hair and using this shampoo it cleansed my hair well). And that is all it does! It really does nothing to control the frizz and make my hair manageable. I used this with the matching conditioner first to see its effect. Not satisfactory at all. My hair was not smooth or was not moisturized. My hair felt ok only after applying loreal shine intense serum which I am using right now. But I do this with all my shampoos. This does not make any difference to my hair at all! And next I used this shampoo with another conditioner (organic surge) and my hair experienced one of the worst fly aways and frizz ever! I was not able to control the frizz even with the serum ☹ This shampoo is a total failure for me. (May be it will work for less coarse or wavy hair.)

matrix biolage shampoo review

Pros of matrix biolage deep smoothing shampoo:
1. It does not contain paraben.
2. It has a mild ciltrus smell which is refreshing.
3. It is inexpensive and the quantity is good for the price.

Cons of matrix biolage deep smoothing shampoo:
1. Does not control frizz and does not help in managing my hair.
2. Has SLS.
3. Makes my hair extremely dry and frizzy when I use a conditioner other than matrix deep smoothing one.
4. It has to be followed by the matching conditioner and serum for this product to work.
5. Not easily available in shops. Can be purchased only from professional salons.

IMBB rating : 2.5/5 ( just for not having parabens and the smell )

Do I recommend it? Never! Ladies please do not get this if you have dry and frizzy hair like me. It will do nothing!
Will I repurchase this? No! I want to try the hydratherapy and I regret purchasing this!

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35 thoughts on “Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Shampoo Review

  1. Matrix never suits me. :shutmouth: in fact Nothing suits my hair except for the L’oreal professional range & Schwarzkopf . :pigtail:

  2. i use the Matrix serum regularly and it works very well for me but never tried their shampoos or conditioners. for me the Pantene shampoo + Dove conditioner combo works very well + loreal hair mask so between all these and regular oiling i manage to do a decent job with my hair

    1. I am still trying out various products and struggling to find a good shampoo for my hair and understand my hair 😥 😥 Not able to follow a proper hair routine :waaa:

      1. oh dont worry. i find oils like olive oil and coconut oil are very very good for the hair. I would recommend Dove shampoos and conditioners and if you color your hair then the loreal shapoos specifically meant for colored hair. i am sure you will find a good one soon. :teddy: :teddy:

    2. Am mega-fan of Matrix Serum too.. :teddy: Juss 2-3 drops on damp hair & does the trick for me..espl when I skip the conditioner :pigtail:

    3. Aruna, Pantene shampoo – smooth and silky works for me too :high5: :high5:
      and i use olive oil as serum as you suggest to many ppl before, thanks for that too 🙂

  3. thnx for the review… i once spotted this shampoo bt didnt buy as there was not any review of it on IMBB… :sidefrown:
    Matrix’ Oilthereapy and hydra-therapy works great for me… :haanji: nways, try hydra-therapy next time for dry hair.. All the best 😉

  4. Two months when i saw this shampoo i was about to buy, thank god i didnt..
    Nice review Shruti :yes: :yes: , me too have dry and frizzy hair :headbang:

  5. i love my matrix serum but their shampoo didn’t suit my hair. i had one of my worse hair night mares with this shampoo and the himalaya shampoo. i currently use VO5 shampoo and it is good.

  6. Have : oily scalp , frizzy wavy hair , semi dry hair ( no dandruff and no hairfall in my case )

    For Frizz – This shampoo works for me and controls my frizz well…
    For dryness i use ultra hydrating conditioner though after that as dint find deep soothing conditioner that effective.

    ultra hydrating shampoo+conditioner weighs my hair down.
    So i use combi of deep soothing shampoo + ultra hydrating conditioner

    1. I was actually thinking of picking the deep smoothing shampoo and the hydrating conditioner, but was scared that it might harm my hair and went for this combo…

  7. it works quite good for me….in fact i’m using this for two years…and i’m quite happy with it!! :worship: :clap:

  8. My SIL was praising this shampoo and was using this since a long time.. But now she complains of hairfall.. When stopped using this shampoo, she says hairfall has controlled.. But always heard good reviews abt biolage.. but sad that it didnt work for u ..

  9. i think Matrix biolage fortifying shampoo is d best :yahoo: in d series if ur hair type in not too dry!
    i have been using it for an year now..d effects were miraculous :stars: for hair fall control, though for past few days i have been facing dis stubborn dandruff..wich eva nizoral’s failin to control :scream: !
    sumbdy help me wid my dandruff prob :pan: !

  10. I have very frizzy and wavy hair. The hair care adviser in the professional salon advised me to go for the matrix range.. The anti dandruff one + smoothening. It was the worst product i had ever used .,. The antidandruff shampoo made my hair very dry and the smoothening one made it wcen more frizzy..
    i am going back to my old shampoo routine i.e. Clinic plus + dove conditioner 🙂

  11. i smoothened my hair recently and they suggested me to use matrix smoothening shampoo along with the conditioner and serum but still im having hair fall..gimme sum remedy to reduce my hair fall..

  12. Though this seems like a great product I dont think it would be suitable for me as I have oily scalp and sensitive skin. But my mother might be willing to try this out. Would pass on the post to her for a read.

  13. I purchased both the biolage shampoo and conditioner for my frizzy curly hair as recommended by a stylist. Does not work at all! In actual fact it has made my hair worse than Its ever been. Feel so ripped off as I spent $30 on each product. Supposedly works in 97% humidity?? Would not recommend this product to tame frizzy hair at all ☹️

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