Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Fortifying Shampoo Review

Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Fortifying Shampoo

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Today I am going to review a shampoo which I got some time back for my mom. She has been coloring her hair for a few years now to cover grey hairs. Although her hair is quite in good condition in spite for regular coloring, due to regular oiling and other things, but still it is good to include a repairing product in one’s regime to reverse the damage as much as possible. This review will be based on her experience with the product.

Product Description:

Matrix Biolage Fortifying Shampoo, a shampoo that gently cleanses & strengthens damaged or chemically-treated hair to help restore hair’s vitality and elasticity. Matrix Biolage Fortifying Shampoo with a fusion of concentrated ceramide, mango and lemon grass, repair and reduce breakage up to 90%. This unique formula strengthens weakened hair, combining forces of science and nature to reconstruct while boosting vitality, and smoothing hair. The shampoo helps hair to detangle, and make it frizz free and more manageable.



Rs 190 for 200ml

My Experience with Matrix BiolageFortetherapieFortifying Shampoo:

As I told before my mom, gets hair coloring done every few months, her hair and scalp type are normal with no major issues. She naturally has straight and silky hair and has been using this shampoo from past over 3 weeks. The shampoo comes in a white elongated bottle with a flip cap; the packaging is quite travel friendly, although the bottle is not transparent to see how much product is left inside.


The shampoo has a very mild fragrance, I personally did not like it much but it did not bother my mom as well. The shampoo inside is white colored and has a thick creamy and kind of goopy consistency, it is quite thick and works well when diluted with little water in palms before using to make the application easy. This shampoo is very creamy and moisturizing type, and you do need slightly more quantityas compared to other shampoos, as it is not extremely lathering. But it effectively cleanses hair and scalp without making them dry or oily and also does not weigh down hair at all. If you use it to wash your hair after oiling them, then it alone is not sufficient and you need to use another shampoo first and follow up with this one. It rinses off very easily without leaving behind any residue.


Now according to the claims the main question is does it work? Yes it worked like a charm for my mom and you do get the results almost instantly, mainly because it is also full of chemicals. There was a noticeable difference in my mom’s hair just after first use and after using it consistently, the changes have been much more noticeable and better.In fact, she also switched to using the previous shampoo she was using before this 2 times in between, but still her hair was the same and did not go back to normal, meaning the effect lasts for some time even after you stop using it. It makes her hair extremely manageable, soft and shiny and controls frizz to a great extent, following up with a conditioner with it is not at all necessary.
The best thing, it protects hair color to a certain extent and you do not see much hair color while washing hair, as certain shampoos kind of strip off the color applied on hair. It also claims to reduce hair breakage up to 90% but that claim is not true, as it did nothing for the existing hair fall, but it did not aggravate it either. I was so pleased by the results that I could not stop myself from trying it once, It performed well on my hair as well I have never chemically treated my hair, and only with one use it gave me results like I had just gotten a hair spa done, I am not at all exaggerating here but because it is formulated for chemically treated hair, I never used it again but the results were mind blowing.

Pros of Matrix Biolage Fortetherapie Fortifying Shampoo:

• Fulfills majority of the claims
• Does repair chemically treated hair
• Results are noticeable after single wash and last long
• Makes hair very smooth, shiny and manageable
• Does not make hair dry or greasy
• Does not weigh down hair at all
• Did not cause any extra hair fall
• Protects hair color, making it last longer
• Effectively cleans hair and get rinsed off easily
• Sturdy packaging
• Easily available and reasonable priced

 Cons of Matrix BiolageFortetherapieFortifying Shampoo:

• Contains high amounts of chemicals

• Does nothing to reduce hair fall

• May not work very well with oily scalp and hair type
• It is not extremely lathering
Do I recommend Matrix BiolageFortetherapieFortifying Shampoo?
If you have chemically treated your hair in any manner, then you must try this shampoo once. As it worked out extremely well for my mom and she will definitely buy this again.

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  1. its a worst shampoo i hav evr used…..i hav a severe hairfall…………hate it…nasty.. *cry*

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