Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Ultra-Nourishing Oil Masque Review

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Hair type: Soft and smooth straight hair with dry tips

Hi girls,
I love to use Matrix products; this brand offers a really great range of hair masks. Currently I am using this Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Masque. This ‘Oil Therapie’ range offers the benefits of 5 amazing oils. I love my hair a lot and I always try to keep it soft by following a good hair care routine and this hair mask is my current favorite. Let’s get into the review.
Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Ultra-Nourishing Oil Masque Review

Product Description:
Formulated with Olive oil, it works on all hair types to provide the ultimate in nourishment & control. Exclusively for in-salon use, it also adds a glossy shine & softness for healthy-looking hair from root-to-tip.


INR 490 for 490g (I got it at a discounted price)

My Experience with Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Ultra-Nourishing Oil Masque:

Like other Matrix hair masques, this one also comes in a big heavy jar packaging with a golden cap. The packaging is quite bulky and cannot be carried around easily. So, you can use it only at home. Since it is a tub, it is not very hygienic and that’s why I prefer to use a spoon to scoop the product out. According to its quantity, the price is absolutely fine and the product is easily available too. It has a beautiful floral scent which is quite common to all Matrix products. I am using Matrix products for over 5 years and want the products to smell different now. This scent stays nicely in my hair and it keeps my hair fresh also.


Since this is an oil masque, it comes in thick creamy consistency which glides evenly and smoothly on hair. It is deep yellow in color. Its rich thick creamy texture glides easily on hair. I need only a small amount for my long hair. It doesn’t dry out quickly during massage. Too much of the product makes my hair oily and then my hair looks limp after washing. So you should be careful about the quantity you are applying.

hair mask tub

I prefer to apply it from the roots to the tips of my hair, not on the scalp. I concentrate specifically from the mid length of my hair. I have oily scalp so I generally avoid my scalp. And then I massage my head for a few minutes and leave the mask on for around 15-20 minutes. I usually rinse my hair with normal water. During hair wash, I can notice how beautifully the mask detangles my hair. It makes my hair amazingly smooth. After drying, my hair looks absolutely perfect. My hair looks smoother and softer. This masque instantly provides deep hydration to my hair and it also works well on dry-damaged hair. It easily gives me silky and supple hair.

hair mask

The tangles and knots are totally gone and my hair look frizz-free and smooth after wash. The mask makes my hair manageable. I am amazed to see soft, nourished, and frizz-free hair after every use. My hair looks healthy and shiny. It has added some goodness to my dull hair and has blessed my hair with a new texture and life. It has removed all the roughness and dryness. It actually works well on my normal hair and it also repairs my hair well. It does not weigh my hair down and never makes my hair greasy.


But the results are not long-lasting. After few days my hair again starts to look a little dull. It becomes frizzy and unmanageable again. If you have really dry and damaged hair, the effects won’t last at all. But you can use this in place of your conditioner too because the effects are totally beautiful. The mask isn’t really effective at controlling hair fall but the deep conditioning effect provided by this masque is something you all will love.


Pros of Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Ultra-Nourishing Oil Masque:

• Affordable and easily available
• One tub lasts really long
• Contains the goodness of 5 oils
• Thick, creamy texture spreads easily
• Only a coin size amount is required
• Has a beautiful floral scent
• Makes hair softer, smoother and shinier
• Provides deep hydration to dry hair
• Makes hair look silky, healthy, and decently bouncy
• Repairs damaged hair
• Detangles the hair easily
• Keeps hair frizz-free and manageable

Cons of Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Ultra-Nourishing Oil Masque:

• Heavy, unhygienic jar packaging
• Too much product makes hair limp or oily
• Effects don’t last long
• Can’t control hair fall

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Matrix Biolage Oil Therapie Ultra-Nourishing Oil Masque?
Of course, I will repurchase this masque; it works well to make hair healthy. You should try this oil therapie masque too. It won’t disappoint you.

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