Matte Makeup Look for Your Face, Eyes and Lips

matte look
matte look

Matte Look

Matte is the season’s biggest make-up trend. Matte is when your face isn’t shiny. Your makeup won’t look dewy. Like the hot trend of the 50’s, Matte’s donning scarlet lips (red hot lips) with matching fingernails are totally in.

Many of us may wonder whether the matte look is meant for us. Well, here’s the answer- Matte make up makes us look younger. The normal shimmer and sparkle can surface wrinkles and lines easily. Matte makeup also accentuates the features of our face, which otherwise weren’t notice.

• Firstly cleanse your face, with a toner. Then let’s commence the matte make up with a primer, use a mattifying face powder which is similar to a primer apply it on your face.
• The primer will fill in all the pores and proffer a smooth surface for the make up.
• Use a concealer where needed.

matte look 2
matte look 2

• Then apply the foundation. A matte foundation preferred. Pat the foundation into the skin with fingers, do not forget to blend it well. Now that the surface is all set, you need a powder blush preferably earthy shades.
• Apply the blush below the cheekbones, nose and at the outer corners of the eyes. Blush provides a dimension and depth to your face.

Now that your face is done, let’s start the eyes and the lips.

• For the eyes have a deep eye shadow, may be a plum would be appropriate. Blend it properly into the skin; most of us do not do this which leads to a messy eye make up. Start from the crease.
• Get the mascara out and have it on your lashes.
• Do not forget the brows; we all tend to do this. Define it with kajol or eyebrow pencil.

For the matte lips here are some secrets for plump lips:
• Plump up your lips to fuller flirtier look. Trace around the outer rims of your lips with lip pencil.

matte look 3
matte look 3

• Apply a deep red or similar color lipstick. Next, use a lip brush to fill in your lips for pout plump look.
• Take your lips up another notch. Glam up your lips with an ultra-gloss finish.
• Try all natural nude colors or warm reds for that popping look with the season’s biggest make-up trend.

It doesn’t take rocket science to obtain healthier looking nails. Simple nail solutions will leave your nails looking stunning overnight. Treat your nails to a touch of beauty. Here are few secrets for fabulous nails:
• Carefully choose nail polishes, hardeners and removers and glamorize it with Matte’s nail paints.

A vivacious nature and dazzling presence is all one wants. With Matte in full trend, you get to look exactly the way you want with subtle makeup. Give your look a glowing, illuminating lift because every woman deserves to feel modish and looks like a star.


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