Maxfactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss: 510 Radiant Rose

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss: 510 Radiant Rose

Hello lovely People,
It is raining here in my city and the weather has become awesome. It is so scenic right now that I can’t tell you guys. Anyways moving on, today I am going to review for you one of my fav long wear lip colours and it is the Max factor Lipfinity colour and gloss in Radiant Rose.

Price: 520 INR

What the product says:

Long-lasting multi dimensional shine. Be brilliant.New Max Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss is the next generation of lip colour; with the backing of top catwalk make-up artists it delivers the most high impact shine your lips will ever experience! The savvy combination of rich colour base coat and multi-dimensional glossy top coat work together to create a stunning 3D highlight and lowlight effect. There’s no need to worry about your colour fading or losing its depth as results last for up to 10 hours.
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color&Gloss  Radiant Rose

Make-up Artist Tips:

Here’s a genius way to shine! Hot off the catwalk a new multi-dimensional shine effects lips look. First a base coat of colour low lights, then a gloss top coat of tinted highlights. The fusion’s stunning and the colour lasts up to 10 hours.

My experience with Maxfactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss: 510 Radiant Rose:

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color& Gloss Radiant Rose

I bought this online a couple of months back. The reason I mostly have to get stuff online is because somehow all the counters here are out of stock most of the times. So thank god for E-commerce. The lipfinity range is a long wear range and the gloss and the colour are given at two ends of the same tube. I personally feel that is more convenient since I don’t have to take care of two of them separately. I would have lost one of them for sure. 😛

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color& Gloss Radiant Rose (2)

The colour I have is 510 Radiant rose and it is a nice matte pink colour with red undertones. The colour is perfect for both day and night wear and brightens up the face. I think it would suit all skintones. The gloss has a slight pink-tint to it and has micro shimmer in it which is so beautiful and not at all over the top or gritty. The pigmentation is great and one swipe gives complete colour. If you have pigmented lips two swipes will give you full coverage. But one has to be careful while applying this or it might look streaky. Apply it in one go since it dries pretty fast. If you have chapped lips do scrub your lips first. I have to be careful not to rub my lips together until it doesn’t dry because then it gets patchy and messed up. Once it dries (usually takes 30 seconds) it is perfect. It does not transfer at all. After that I apply the gloss and I am ready to go.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color& Gloss Radiant Rose (5)
If you do not want a glossy finish be sure to apply a good balm underneath before application otherwise it would get really drying on the lips since it is a lip paint. It does not feel very heavy on lips once it has dries and I don’t feel any stickiness at all with the gloss.

It stays on for a good 5-6 hours with meals and snacks in between but after that the colour wears off a little bit. But after 10 hours it starts to come off in patches and this is the only con I have for this product. I wish it came off evenly at least.

Overall, it is a great long wear lip colour (provided you use it with a gloss or a balm) and the colour is flattering for Indian skin tones. Do try this colour.

Pros of Maxfactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss: 510 Radiant Rose:

• Beautiful pink colour.
• Very good staying power.
• Convenient design and packaging.
• Affordable.
• Transfer-proof.


pink lips (2)

pink lips

Cons of Maxfactor Lipfinity Color & Gloss: 510 Radiant Rose:

• Might be drying if used without a gloss or balm.
• One needs to be careful on application.

IMBB Rating:


Take good care everyone.

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  1. OMGG I loved that non gloss.. super matte version. I saw these at the store the last week.. was wondering how they were. I need to check them again. Gorgeous lip swatches jagriti :))

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