Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint – 07 Review

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint – 07 Review

Hi Everyone,

Do you know the feeling when you are in a de-cluttering phase and you suddenly find stuff that you don’t even remember buying? It happened to me today! I was de-cluttering my makeup shelf and suddenly found a few things that I must have used only a few times and forgot about them.

Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint 07 Review

One of those things was this Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint in the shade 07. I now remember that I bought it after finishing my TBS Lip and Cheek Tint.  I was so impressed by the TBS one that I went ahead and bought a few lip tints from several brands. I am personally very fond of lip tints and think lip tints are really convenient to use, look great and natural and non-sticky.  Anyhow, let’s see how this one worked for me:

Lip Tint 1


I think Rs. 550 or 600 INR, don’t remember exactly.

Product Description:

You get all the colour without the sticky opaqueness of traditional lipsticks. The formula is water based and permeates the upper layers of the lips to create non-transferable layers of colour with depth and intensity that you build using the pen applicator. Get intense. Don’t get heavy formula is water based and permeates the upper layers of the lips to create kiss proof layers of colour. The handy pen applicator lets you contour and define then build depth and intensity, to create the perfect level of colour for you. So get intense. Don’t get heavy.

Lip Tint 2


This is a lip tint pen with a plastic cap that is very travel-friendly and easy to carry. The pen-like applicator is easy to use as well and does the job of a liner and lip filler.


I picked up 07 which is a nice coral pink that would look good on fair to medium skin tones. Since this is a lip tint, I am not sure if it would show up very well on anything above NC40 skin tones.  It looks lovely when lightly dabbed on the lips and gives the appearance of just-bitten/just-kissed lips. I find the shade to be very natural and subtle when applied lightly. You can definitely build up the color by swiping 2-3 times and that’s when I think it would show nicely on darker skin tones. I like to apply lip tints very lightly and dab it for a natural look.


Lip Tint 4

Lip Tint 5


Like all lip tints, this is a tad drying on the lips and you need to use a lip balm, then blot it and then apply this. If you apply it on dry lips, it would lead to a lot of tugging and pulling. It does tend to settle into the fine lines because of the drying texture and also bleeds slightly (nothing major). It feels like a felt pen when you apply it on your lips. The shade itself is very nicely pigmented and one swipe gives you a beautiful natural flush of color.

Staying Power:

Okay, I will kind of gush about the staying power, so excuse me if I go overboard.  I have not seen any other lip tint having this kind of staying power. This has a staying power of at least 6-7 hours if you don’t eat, 5 hours easily with meals.  Even when it fades, it leaves behind a beautiful pinky flush on the lips and I totally love that effect and that fade away flush stays on your lips forever unless you remove it with a lip makeup remover. So, this is at the top of the charts in terms of staying power. Also, if I apply this beneath my lipsticks, then my lipsticks tend to last longer.

IMBB Rating:


Overall Verdict:

These lip pens are definitely worth giving a shot if you have reasonably decent lips (by that I mean not very dry or chapped lips) and if you are not a person who prefers the creamy full coverage that lipsticks offer. They have a beautiful range of shades from light pinks to oranges and corals. I think they have shades for every skin tone. I totally love these lip pens for a healthy natural look.

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19 thoughts on “Max Factor Lipfinity Lip Tint – 07 Review

    1. Thanks Harman! I also have another one but can’t seem to find it, but I completely agree, lip stains in general are drying…btw I checked out your blog the other day…loved your pics 🙂

  1. That’s a lovely color. I dont use lip stains as such because i find them a bit too drying for myself. But i know some people totally love lip stains and honestly, nothing gives more natural look than these. Good review. 🙂

    1. I don’t have super duper awesome lips, but I have a lip stain fixation for some reason – love using them and how natural they look, thanks Rati 🙂

    1. I think they will work just fine if you use a lip balm beneath them…give it a shot and see how it works for you 🙂

    1. Hey Rauni…I use my phone to click most of my pics…its the Samsung Galaxy android one and its usually on auto mode, so I can’t really take the credit for the photos turning out to be good 🙂
      I try to click most photos against a white background though. Thanks a ton for liking them…m so happy!

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