Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red

Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red

Hello Ladies,

If you remember my Indian wedding makeup look, I was wearing a deep red lipstick. A lot of you really like this lipstick, so I thought I am going to review it for you. I personally do not like a deep red lipstick because I find that it doesn’t suit my skin color very well.

Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red



Max Factor Night Valley Red

I wore this lipstick maybe 3 times. Once when I created that smokey eye for you and twice when I had got tanned.  I think it looks better on me when I am tanned.  This lipstick is quite pricey for me, but I got this as a gift. The packaging is okay, nothing special really, but I love how you can keep this lipstick for 36 months. I won’t use this very often and the longer I have the time to use it up, the better for me.

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The smell isn’t the best though. Have you ever been in an antique store? It kind of smells like that, very antique and old. The smell reminds me of vintage things.

Max Factor Night Valley Red

It takes a long time to fade. I tried to scrub this lipstick swatch off my arm, but it didn’t go away. I was left with a mark on my arm 😐  The longest that I wore this lipstick was for 7 hours and it lasted for 5 hours.

Max Factor Night Valley Red

Pros of Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red:

  • Can be used up to 36 months.
  • Fades away after 5 hours.
  • Packaging is sturdy.
  • Color is matte.

Lip Swatch

Cons of Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red:

  • Smells very old (antique).
  • I am not happy with the price.
  • Feels a little drying on my lips.

Overall Opinion on Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red:

This lipstick isn’t for me. I do wear it once in a long time, but I would never purchase this. It’s a good quality lipstick, but the color I am not a huge fan of.

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21 thoughts on “Max Factor Lipstick in Night Valley Red

  1. Brilliant color. although I too dont use dark shades… But I feel anything looks good on you. Your are very pretty, Sahar. 🙂

  2. It looks so dark on your arm but has come out OK on your lips. I too have a dark shade like this which I wear seldom

    1. yess it does 🙂 because i didnt apply alot of it on my lips but check out the indian smokey eye post thats how the color looks if i apply alot of this lipstick 😀

  3. From teh swatch I thought it would be a perfect bridal red but guess you have worn the softened version of it. Not my type of color. I also dont wear such deep reds. 🙂

    1. the reason why it doesnt looks as pigmented on my lips is because i didnt apply alot 🙂 but rememner that picture of me in that wedding makeup post? it is alot darker

  4. Its an Okayish color but using it as a tint would be OK. Your lips are so pretty that any shade can become wearable 🙂

  5. It looks so different from to swatch to your lips ! I’ve been wanting to try this burgundy – wine shade for a while no, but have never got down to it.

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