MAX Glow Herbals Strawberry Face Wash with Jojoba Oil Review


Yesterday I got this one from the shop just around the corner. No, I had not gone to buy this, in fact, I did not even know of its existence before that. However, when I was asking for a pack of Amul butter, a sales lady from Max Glow, who has recently launched herself in that shop, irritated me into buying it.
The Max Glow Strawberry Face Wash with Jojoba Oil claims that it “has in capsulated mili capsules of strawberry extract and jojoba oil that cleanses the dirt from the upper pores, leaving your skin fresh and tingling. The deep cleansing action on the face removes the dead skin and dirt without drying your skin.”


It contains ‘Active Strawberries’, which “is a good cleanser and astringent that helps to eliminate excessive oils, cleans any pigmentation and improves skin tone” and Jojoba oils, which they say “is 100% pure magic and is one of the oils that have the best affinity to human skin”. And it is totally soap free and suited to all skin types. I was amazed that Max Glow could give 75 ml (60 ml + 15 ml free) of such a divine product at Rs. 45 only!

The product profile of The Max Glow Strawberry Face Wash with Jojoba Oil is –
Manufactured by – Jainsons Herbo Labs Pvt Ltd
Marketed by Max Glow Herbals
Contains – Active Strawberries and Jojoba Oil
100% Soap Free
Shelf life – 3 years from the date of manufacture
Quantity – (60 ml + 15 ml) 75 ml
Price – Rs. 45

The face was actually contains small red, red granules, which break into smaller parts when rubbed against the skin. It is really pretty, and the smell is nice too. Sort of like that flavour o strawberry which we get in a typical strawberry ice cream. This is how the soap free gel looks –


The gel is non synthetic to touch and as it is gently rubbed on the skin, the mili particles of strawberry and jojoba oil cleanse the skin and softly exfoliate the upper pores. Being 100% soap free, it does not lather up, but unlike typical soap free face washes, does not give the skin a creamy feel. For this I am tremendously thankful. Having super oily skin, I just hate the Dove-ish feel. After washing, the skin should be pat dried to retain the freshness. It is recommended that people with dry skin should use their regular moisturisers after the wash.

The reasons why I liked The Max Glow Strawberry Face Wash with Jojoba Oil are –

  • 100% soap free
  • Non creamy
  • Actually a good cleanser
  • The exfoliating mili particles are a definite plus
  • 75 ml for Rs. 45 – very cheap
  • Liked the ice cream like smell

The reasons why I do not like The Max Glow Strawberry Face Wash with Jojoba Oil are –

  • No reason as such, it is quite like-able. However I do not know about the availability of this brand or this product everywhere…

Overall verdict – very satisfied. I will remember to thank the insistent sales lady when I go to that shop again.

My rating – :-* :-* :-* :-* + 0.25

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18 thoughts on “MAX Glow Herbals Strawberry Face Wash with Jojoba Oil Review

  1. 😆 Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!!!!you go to buy Amul butter and end up buying this…. :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :hunterwali: :lol2:

  2. I love strawberry face washes…the refreshing smell of strawberries wake you up in the morning… But really, I have also never heard of this product..Good it works for you. :))

  3. looks good but never heard of this product…is it new in rthe market??

    please let is know if you still like it after a while…:)

  4. Too bad this brand is not easily available. I’m loving strawberry smelling products these days..esp Nivea fruity shine lip balm. It has the most awesome fresh strawberry smell!

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