MaxFactor Lip Gloss in Sweet Cassis No. 10

MaxFactor Lip Gloss in Sweet Cassis No. 10

Maxfactor Lip Gloss

Description on the Website about the Product:
Add some shine to your life with the new Max Effect Lip Gloss Cubes! With 10 sexy exciting shades to choose from, your lips will never need to be bare again. Including fantastic names shades such as Hot Aubergine, Glam Rose and Vibrant Raspberry, they’ll add that extra spark to your make-up look, night or day.

The price was around 500-600 INR, not more than that. Packaging is a joy! It is very sophisticated and classy. The product comes in around 12 beautiful shades. Only 3-4 of these are matte and the rest are shimmery. Out of the matte ones, this shade and another red shade are dark and pigmented. The rest are nude and very light. This shade is called “Sweet Cassis” and is very different.


Let me try and describe it; it is burgundy color and has warm deep pink undertones. It is suitable for any complexion and would provide a richness and depth to a bare face as well as a made-up one. This can double up as both evening as well as day wear, depending on what you wear it with. I like to describe this shade as how a cherry would be if it got drunk on a couple of martinis! Its luscious and sexy.

Lip Gloss

My Take on MaxFactor Lip Gloss in Sweet Cassis No. 10:

I love this gloss. What I like about it is that apart from the intense color, it lasts pretty long for a gloss. Additionally, it doesn’t provide a mirror-like shine to my lips, which I find rather comforting and wearable. The fake high-shine glosses are rather difficult to pull off for me. I like that it doesn’t have shimmer or anything, just a deep and gorgeous color that lasts. It lasts a good 2 hours without meals and with a lip-licking tendency.

Here are the shades as provided by the website and you will see they are not representing the color honestly.

Pros of MaxFactor Lip Gloss in Sweet Cassis No. 10:

1. Long lasting, leaves a tint as it fades.
2. A great deep burgundy shade to have.
3. Moisturizing, doesn’t dry out my lips.
4. Provides a natural shine to the lips and not a fake mirror-like effect.
5. Not greasy or goopy.
6. Available at all MaxFactor counters at Lifestyle.
7. Reasonably priced.

Lip Gloss swatch

Cons of MaxFactor Lip Gloss in Sweet Cassis No. 10:

1. Really can’t think of any.
2. As an afterthought, I feel they can add more of warm colors to the collection in pink, coral and peach.

Would I Recommend It?


Would I Purchase it Again?


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11 thoughts on “MaxFactor Lip Gloss in Sweet Cassis No. 10

  1. :love: :love: :love: Your description of the shade is so accurate! Very sexxyy. :preen: :preen:
    :thumbsup: Nice review,Shivani!

  2. wowww.. it is such a pretty shade and also long lasting.. :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: ..
    Very nicely written :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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