Maxfactor Lipfinity 3D Maxwear Lipcolor in Mauve Sequence, Review and Swatch

Maxfactor Lipfinity 3D Maxwear Lipcolor in Mauve Sequence

Product Claims:
Long-lasting multi dimensional shine. Be brilliant.New Colour & Gloss is the next generation of lip colour; with the backing of top catwalk make-up artists it delivers the most high impact shine your lips will ever experience! The savvy combination of rich colour base coat and multi-dimensional glossy top coat work together to create a stunning 3D highlight and lowlight effect. There’s no need to worry about your colour fading or losing its depth as results last for up to 10 hours.
maxfactor lipfinity maxwear lipcolor

Don’t know. I did not find them anywhere.

Price: Rs. 670. I paid Rs. 670 as I got it from abroad but I think some online website in India is selling it for Rs. 390.

My review:
As I give you my take on this product, I am so confused as to what I should write. To give an honest picture of the product, I would tell you as it is – the way I felt the product works.
I got this product without reading any reviews and thus I knew nothing about it. Just that Max factpr is a brand. The day I first applied it, it was horrible!
lipfinity lipcolor
As soon as I applied the color, it dried off immediately and settled into the finelines. I applied a little more to make a smooth layer and topped it over with a gloss. It looked nice for a while but after a while it got flaky and I could see flakes all over and it was a totally big disaster.
I lurched myself for unnecesasrily spending money and wasting it and then started thinking ways of selling it off or giving it away to a friend. But somehow I thought of the money I spent on it and decided to make it work.

Next day, I exfoliated my lips and applied a lip balm. I even applied a thin layer of revlon creamy lipstick that I have. It gave an instant smoothness to my lips and filled my lips. I then used the Maxfactor lip color and aplied it on the lips. I let it dry for few minutes and then applied a coat of lip gloss over it. It worked, only a bit though.  Though it got flaky and dried off and I could notice the flakes but I am glad that the entire bottle wont go waste.
The color was there on the lips for about 6 hours even with a full meal and several snacks. And then I used about a spoon full of cleansing milk to rub it away!

Here is a swatch of the lip color.
Here it is with the lip gloss.
Here are the swatches on Lips
With Lip Color
With Lip Gloss

Pros of Maxfactor Lipfinity 3D Maxwear Lipcolor

• Lip color and gloss in one bottle
• Nice, pigmented color
• Stays for long about 8 hrs
• Gloss is much better than the color

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Cons of Maxfactor Lipfinity 3D Maxwear Lipcolor

• A big NO for dry lips
• Gets dry and flaky
• Does not go off easily. One has to use lot of cleaning milk to rub it off

Will I repurchase it? NO.
Overall rating. 2.5/5. I wanted to give 0 but since I like the gloss I have given it half of the total stars. But maybe the product works well for women who have smooth lips.

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28 thoughts on “Maxfactor Lipfinity 3D Maxwear Lipcolor in Mauve Sequence, Review and Swatch

  1. nice color.. too bad that it didn’t work out well… that too for 600 bucks !!! :spank: :spank: thanks for d warning.. 🙂

      1. i some how do not understand their 3D&4D claims.. :methinks: is it supposed to give some sort of “effect” to lips?!

  2. Thanks for the article Surabhi… I too once had such a lip colour plus gloss..forgot the brand name..bought it during my onsite trips and it was so drying and sticky… good money down the drain :spank: :spank: :spank: …now I stick to only lipsticks and plain glosses…that too after reading reviews from IMBB 🙂

  3. ummm… surabhi… actually thz long wear kinds lip color r a little drying only on the lips…. n u HAVE to use a lip gloss or lip balm over these… i have used similiar ones from Revlon, VOV and maybelline too 🙂

  4. Yeah Nupur.. Iam kinda new to make up and products so didnt know about these.. and the gloss is pretty nice but the lip color.. Oh my God.. its worth of nothing..

    and aage se I will keep in mind ki zyada long wear ke chakkar mein na padoon.. 🙂

  5. I felt same when I bought Nyx lip creams.. :headbang: As i have dry lips, I prefer moisturizing lipsticks, do not mind abt its staying power.. :makeup:

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