Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Color & Gloss Review, Swatches, Application

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss – Review, Swatches, Application

I have always been a great fan of natural make-up look, which I always find refreshing and rejuvenating to look at. With my experience till now, it is one kind of a make up that suits all face and skin types. Needless to say, I was on a hunt to get natural shade lipsticks. It was the time (around a year back) when I didn’t know much about lip glosses and lip colors, so when I came across Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss, I was quite delighted to find it providing a combination of both gloss and color. I bought one of these particular shades, when I was in New York for $9 approximately. The product came up with two sided containers and applicators offering 3 ml of each color and gloss separately.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss

Since, I was a novice in the whole lipstick and lipgloss business, I found it safe to go with the most natural color, which could suit my lips and wouldn’t make me an obvious fool if the colors didn’t work out well :P. Anyways, there are many varieties of color-gloss combination available in range, and you can choose from bright red to subtle pink and lavender colored gloss as well!!

Below is the shade, which I chose.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss 1
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss 1
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss

And, here are the swatches:

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss  swatches
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss swatches

Let me give a quick review of what I liked about the product followed by what I didn’t like.

What I liked about Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss?

  • The lip gloss is absolutely awesome, the shine is neither too overwhelming on lips, nor too sparse. It works with perfect balance.
  • The gloss is too light to carry and doesn’t feel sticky on the lips.
  • The lip color that I chose, suits my natural look and really accentuates my face.
  • Both the color and the gloss can be applied separately. However, the application of lip-color has some problems because of which I apply it using a certain technique which I’ll describe below.
  • The color and gloss have excellent retention. I wear it daily and it stays on me even after lunch, so you can count that stay for around 5-6 hours.
  • It comes with separate sponge tip wands, which makes it really easy to apply.
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss

What I didn’t like about Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss?

  • The lip color has too much matte effect, though it doesn’t dry out instantly the moment you place it on you lips. But, it may dry out on sponge, while you are applying and blending the color on your lips. This may make it difficult for your lips to get an evenly natural finish. I might be naïve in the application, but I found this annoying as I have to keep putting gloss and mixing the color well on my lips to get an even and natural finish.
  • Nothing apart from the above problem

Since, I find it difficult to apply the color quickly and get done with the lip work, I follow the following procedure of applying this product.

1) Apply the gloss first.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss

2) Take the natural shade lip liner of your choice (if you are going with bold colors, choose a lip liner of that shade), and outline your lips with it.
3) Blend the liner with the gloss.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss

4) Take the lip color and gently apply to your lips carefully, so that you get an even finish all over your lips.

Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss
Maxfactor Lipfinity Color and Gloss

Will I buy the product?
Yes, but I may choose a different shade too, in addition to the natural shade I have as of now. The range is indeed good, and I am open to experiment with other colors in it! 🙂

Rating: :-* :-* :-* :-*


44 thoughts on “Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Color & Gloss Review, Swatches, Application

  1. It’s good to see you, Cali. :)And I loved how you applied the colour, it looks very natural. Almost like my lips but better.

    You know Pune has so many MAX Factor counters. I was so J.. :alien:

    You remind me of Amrita Singh. 🙂

    1. he he…thanks Rati!! 😀 😀 ..yeah..I had a tough time using this. I mean it was after a while that I began to apply this beauty in the way I’ve described above, otherwise I’d given up it long time back, because of the dryness and weird finishing :-/ :-/ !!..Now, I apply it daily to office, and am really loving it more than all the lip colors I have!! :-* :-* :-*

      I guess Delhi might be having plenty of MAX Factor counters too!!..Here,in Bangalore I’ve seen it at many places, even in local “Total” malls!!! 😯 😯 😛

        1. Wow..NYX is there at pune?? Coool..I have some lovely eye shadow palettes from them!! :-(( :-(( ..But, never dared to use them, for a fear of making a clown of myself. 😛 😛 .But, being a part of this website , I have become somewhat dare-devil now. I am planning to see the palette again and check if I can do something useful of it!! 😛 😛 he he…

          1. Oh there was at some general store I discovered a chotu sa NYX counter. Didn’t see it anywhere else.

            And do use the palettes.It’s always fun to experiment no? 🙂

            1. he he..yeah!! I hope I dont make a raccoon of myself this time!! :chic: :chic: …Planning to experiment with two colors tonight, while going out. 😎 😎

              1. huh?? you don’t know..errrr…

                There is a general store right across the SGS mall, found NYX there. And most westsides carry MAX Factor..

                Shame Shame..I was there for 6 days and I know more about makeup locations that you do. 😛

  2. Hi Cali the shade looks grt on you, any specific reason why you use gloss first and then the color? I generally do it the other way.. Did you find the counter in total malls in Bangalore, anywhere else?? Dont find health n glows offering many brands..

    1. Hi Jaish!

      Thanks for liking the shade! :-). I apply the gloss first, because it gives me enough coverage and base to apply the color smoothly and evenly. Otherwise, the color is quite consistent and may dry out while applying on the lips, giving an uneven and weird finishing. The method I wrote above, works extremely well for me in getting that perfect natural and smooth finishing to my lips. 🙂

      And yeah, I agree with you about Health and Glow not coming up with may brands. At Bangalore, I’ve seen one Max factor counter at Total mall on the old airport road. I guess there should be a counter at Total mall in Madivala too.

    1. You are most welcome!! 🙂 🙂 …I do it coz, I want that classy natural look. If you want to go beyond normal natural look, you can put another coat of gloss, once you are done with the color. So then the sequence would be –

      Gloss -> Lip-liner -> Blend -> Lip color -> Gloss !!

      😀 😀 !!

    1. he he..thanks Gaea!..Yeah they stay quite long on my lips, even after I have my lunch and some 2-3 cups of coffee, at office. It is only by the time I leave office at 5:30, that I can see my original chapped lips, so they stay quite long….
      And yeah, they give a layery effect, which is why I choose to apply them in the way I mentioned above. :)…I know the final lip image looks blearghhh!!..which is why I also placed an image of final me. :-P…Overall effect comes fine and stays real long!!

  3. BTW where is Rads? I guess spending some more time and money at Lifestyle, busy with Chanel!! :-D…..Waiting for her to review something on her blog or here!! 🙂

  4. She must be taking a seminar on “how to be wicked ” or “how to make perfect puppy faces to get more pocket money from hubby” at her fav Lifestyle. 😀

    1. hi bhumika,

      Thanks!! Well, I don’t know how much is the current price in India, but I bought them a year back from New York for $9 🙂

  5. Hey Cali….ooooooooooooooh….you look very pretty….almost everyone has side bangs and fringes except me 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 ….you get two different colours with each stick isn’t it…..and the retention power is 5 to 6 hours…now which gloss will give you that… you get this in INdia?????

    1. I guess I saw it at Maxfactor counter in Bangalore, so they might be there in India!! and thanks Jomol!! I am gonna get a haircut tomorrow, lets see what I turn up into!! 😐 😐 😐

  6. :D:D:D:P i was slogging mu bum off.. i had jury!:P :(:( i was peeking and going!:P i commented on the HD blosh!:( its not showing!:(( 😛 i am spamming the blog again!:P:P
    i missed youuu!!>:D:D< :-*(flying smiley hug!:-*)

    1. welcome back to the awakened world!! :-P….I got some real gooodies todayyyyyyy in shoppingggg..yayeeeee!!! :jump: :jump: :jump: 😀 😀 😀

      1. i am not sure if i will be liking you now! fearrrrr meee :alien: and take that seriously, please!:P:P:P :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

    1. i will ignore the witty comments for your safety!:P:P (i would want to sit on you) but since i missed you sooooooo much, mmmwaahhh!!! the ogre is back! fear me! muhahahahaha :alien: :alien: :alien:

  7. 😐 was mu louly Rads not making up for m absence? :P:P and i missed spamming and dattying the blog too!!:P:P:P and missed you showing off pretty stuff and prettier skin! 😎 see i am so cool. no j. 😎 😎 :-X

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