Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Color – Spicy

Maxfactor Lipfinity Lip Color – Spicy

Make-up artists know that perfect lip colour doesn’t mean constant touch-ups. Armed with famous Max Factor Lipfinity you can have the glamorous finish you love without letting life get in the way.

The secret? A smart 2-step application that creates catwalk long lasting colour then finish the effect with a moisturising gloss top coat. Now with 24 high-fashion shades to choose from and a sleek new look, the best kept backstage beauty secret from Max Factor is officially out!

Maxfactor lipfinity lip color spicy

Make-up Artist Tips:

A splash of lip colour! Backstage Make Up Artists love this look – apply Lipfinity in a bold, bright shade and keep the rest of your look clean and polished, just perfect skin and immaculate lipstick.


INR 590 (Shopper’s Stop)

Maxfactor lipfinity lip color (3)

Like you saw in my haul, I picked these up to review. I am guilty of ignoring this brand but we all know this has been around for such a long time, I mean I need to indulge and decide how I like them, and so far I am very happy. I picked up two of these shades as i love these long last lipstick but all my older ones have dried and it was time I pick some more to try.

Maxfactor lipfinity lip color

The interesting thing about these are the balms they come with, instead of the gloss. the color is a peachy brick and I love it to death, it does not have any shimmer and love how it looks on its own too and of course the balm is required to make it look fresh and tempting.

Max factor lipfinity lip color sultry

The lipstick of course is like a paint, it is very thick and you have to apply an even and thin coat, thick coat can be avoided as later it would rub off and flake and you might have to literally scrape it off to remove it.On its own it dries up in 30 secs and feels very sticky and taut, so next comes the balm.

Maxfactor lipfinity lip color (2)

The balm is an absolute delight, it is like a gloss in a balm stick. You need to apply it on the matte paint,to refresh the look and to keep lips looking and feeling non-dry,honestly my lips did not get dry they just look dry with the paint on and with the balm, my lips felt like wearing no lip color at all.The balm is clear and after application the lip color looks very normal, no one would know it is like a paint.

Max factor lipfinity lip color spicy

I find it very comfy and not at all drying, you can reapply the balm after two hours if you need but what happened with me is that after two hours and a meal, the inside of the lip was bare again, the flakes started to come off and I had to remove the lip color as only the lip line had color,over time I guess the paint melted from the centre. I  highly suggest you check on the color after meals and reapply if needed, do not count it as a long last color if you have meals, without meals it could go on for 4 hours.

Maxfactor lipfinity lip color (4)

I am so much in love with the product and the shade I enjoy the application of these long last paints a lot, since many years.They get uneven and patchy and have to be applied very thin, but I am ready to forgive everything about the cons and still purchase some more, the paint is very nice and even to apply, and I dont mind removing the flakes later and then reapply the product.

I dont find them drying at all! These would cover pigmented lips very well, and I know they flake off and have to be removed with oil or vaseline, despite that I would buy more of these, most of you would hate the paint feel it gives.The lip lines would show up a lot too.

with and without lip balm:

peachy lips

Last word:

I can confidently say this is a “love or hate” product. I love it to death even with all its cons, its unconditional love because I enjoy wearing colors that dry on and then need to coat a gloss or balm. i also know that most of us hate such products, so it your pick, needless to say the color is gorgeous, I am going to buy more of these. I also dont mind applying some other gloss or balm or sheer lip color on top of the matte paint if I have to wear it for a short while.

4.5/5 (love or hate?)

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  1. wow, looks like a good product to buy 🙂
    you have such a lovely lips… yummy 😀 😀
    *puchhi* *puchhi*

  2. Wow this is a lovely one… *woot* *whistle* you can have a matte as well as glossy finish na *pompom* *hifive* lovely pick *happy dance* *pompom*

  3. such a detailed review neha *jai ho* *jai ho* *clap* *clap* *announce*
    and its sounds great to me *drool* *drool*

  4. i need at least one of these *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji* *haan ji* and lip swatch *jalwa* *jalwa* *jalwa* *jalwa* *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool*

  5. Ah I have used these…ye they are drying and become uneven after a while..which I hate..but colours are plumps up my lips..and extremely long staying which I love.the balm is added advantage.

  6. U know I’ve been so busy these days that I hardly get time to be online! But your lippie post I HAD to comment!

    Love you *puchhi* *puchhi* *puchhi* and your posts! They are gorgeous as Always… 🙂

  7. I love these products Neha, the Revlon colorstay one too, these stay on and on, and then the gloss is so glossy…..must have *drool*

  8. this looks suuper interesting neha. The color is so ‘you’ 😛 and you know these pics remind me of the old days.. when you used to send such pictures for sale. :))

  9. hain which ones Rati? 😀 sale yaa long time phew!
    yes very me color Rati 😛 always end up buying same *blush*

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