MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper Review

MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper

Hi there,

Today I’m going to review another lip color from Maxfactor the Lipfinity lip color range, shade – Whisper. This is my second pick from this range.I have Coy already.

Availability: Easily available

Price: Rs.660/- for 2.3ml+1.9gm

MaxFactor Claims:

Max Factor Lipfinity gives up to 12 hours of long lasting effect. An ultra long lasting and vibrant lip duo that together creates a smooth and sheer finish! Max Factor Lipfinity has a semi permanent colour and a shine boosting, moisturizing topcoat that needs no need reapplication, even after eating and drinking throughout your day- no matter how long it is your lipstick’s still on!



How to Use: Max Factor Lipfinity has a revolutionary 2 step lipstick system that gives long lasting colour plus moisture.

Step 1: Apply the colour once first thing in the morning and it will last through coffee, lunch and afternoon tea – you really can forget all about it!
Step 2: Apply the moisturising top coat for moisture and shine.

My experience with MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper

I have mentioned this in my previous Maxfactor lipfinity review that this is a long lasting liquid lipstick / semi permanent color and they truly hold upto their claims on this part.

Packaging: Lipfinty comes in two tubes. The first one is the “Paint for the lips” which is the color tube and second is the “Clear moisturizing topcoat” which is a transparent lip balm. The former one comes in a transparent tube with black cap and the brand name embossed in the centre over a golden band. And the later is a black tube with the brand name in the center as mentioned. The gloss applicator is doe-foot shaped sponge applicator, whereas the balm is the twist up tube like balms.

Texture & Pigmentation: The texture of the gloss is like any other gloss, smooth and creamy. It’s highly pigmented and covers the lips in one go. After the gloss is applied as mentioned on the box, wait for 60 seconds or till the color dries. You might feel the lips drying off completely; simply apply the top coat as instructed on the box. LIPFINTY as they say gives high shine with top coat;  and I totally agree with this, it gives that glossy shine with the clear balm provided which acts as a top coat.

Shade: About the shade, whisper is a beautiful bright pastel pink color with pearl sheen and minuscule shimmer. If you decide to apply only the color base, it goes a little matte onthe lips and when layered with top coat, the shine is more visible. The top coat just adds sheen and a protective covering to your lip color. The clear balm fades after a while but the lip color stays  intact, you can apply the lip balm again to give the glossy sheen. This shade might not suit all skin tone. And for pigmented lips, this shade might look patchy.

Staying Power: It really lasts long for good 6-7 hours. You might feel as if your lips getting dry after 2-3 hours of application, then just apply the top coat it will make your lips supple again.. It’s completely transfer proof and do follow the instructions as mentioned on the box so that the gloss can last for longer duration. My lips feel dry only white application but with the lip balm, they feel fine again, hence I don’t regret of purchasing this product.

Finally to take it off your lips, you need to apply a makeup remover or any creamy cleanser otherwise your lips might feel dry. And yes, it is mentioned on the box  that is it supposed to be removed with oil-based make up remover.
Overall a long lasting lip gloss is just two applications away.

Pros of MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper

• Good staying power, lasts almost the whole day
• Highly pigmented
• Doesn’t transfer to cups and glasses, transfer resistant
• Not heavy on lips
• Doesn’t settle into fine lines

Cons of MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper

• Comes in 2 packs, yes I find it a con as I would rather prefer something which is all in one.
• This shade might not suit all skin tones, and personally I find it difficult to work with this shade
• Can give a patchy effect to pigmented lips (with reference to this particular shade)
• Need to apply the top coat or else your lips might find it too dry which might lead to chapping.


IMBB Rating: 2.8/4

Would I repurchase MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper?

No, I will definitely not purchase this shade. I would recommend other shades for busy ladies who cannot touch up lipstick in office hours. Just a couple of swipes and they can look pretty the whole day.

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14 thoughts on “MaxFactor Lipfinity Lip Color Whisper Review

  1. You review very nice things vinitha, and i love how you explore many brands
    i have sultry, and many other shades from this range, some how i am very attracted to these two in one lip products
    I am hunting a shade in this range called vivacious but no luck

    1. Thanks so much Neha…I actually wait for your reviews…I love the way you review lipsticks…. Even I don’t have vivacious will check out next time when I go shopping… 🙂

  2. The color doesnt look as pretty as it looks in the tube . Moreover I too would have preffered if the packaging would have been a single piece instead of two separate ones. great review sweetz

  3. Vinitha… This one looks really promising… The concept is mew and the color is a bit off beat…. But i think they can improve on it and really come out with a winner here…. Nice review dear

    1. I have tried Arpita a lot on this specific color it looks patchy some how…and then if it dries it just sticks to your lips…will keep trying till it gets over…;) thanks dear

  4. Very good review vinitha. Loved your lip swatches but seriously not feeling the color. I agree all-in-one product is always good than going through the hassle of applying two products. 🙂

  5. Thanks Rati…. 🙂 yes even i find it difficult to work with this particular shade…sometimes light shades can be a mess…this is an example…

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