MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara Review

MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara

I have become a big fan of Maxfactor that I have slowly started getting most of their products. First I got their foundation, next eye pencils and now their Mascara  too.

I have a peculiar requirement that my eyes should look big and bright without applying any  eye pencils, mascaras, shadows whatever (strange indeed). When I try to explain this to any SA, I get a horrible look ( sometimes an irritated look after they have finished showing all their eye pencils and other eye makeups).

I have the Maybelline Colossal Volume and like it for its smudge proof, water proof and lengthening formula. But I prefer Browns more than blacks . Unfortunately  since Maybelline does not have colossal volume in brown, I was on the look out for a brown mascara when I hit upon Mrunmayee’s comment (I searched in IMBB for the comment but couldn’t find it .I remember reading it one of the Mascara reviews, I think it is Lakme Lash artist but not sure)  . Since MaxFactor has not let me down, I got their mascara in the Brown/Black shade .They do not have a pure brown shade . I can say that this product too,  from Maxfactor did not let me down and has lived upto its expectations and my expectation too. And I whole heartedly thank Mrunmayee for her comment. About the MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara :

  • MaxFactors’ Mascara comes in a long black pen type packaging.

MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara

  • It is a cream mascara .
  • It comes in three shades : Black, Brown/Black (which is mostly brown with the black tinge) and blue.
  • It costs Rs.505/- .
  • MaxFactor mascara has two variants , one is waterproof and the other one is the normal one. I got the waterproof one.
  • The bristles are short and strong

MaxFactor Mascara Application :

I am not an eye makeup person and prefer to keep my eye makeup simple. I just line my upper lids with a brown liner (sometimes I do away with this too), Kohl my lower lids with black or brown eye pencil.  I have only recently begun using a Mascara.

I do not curl my lashes as this tends to give me spider lashes (maybe am not good at this technique or maybe am just scared to use the instrument ). I lift my upper lids a little with  either an eyeshadow brush ( the flat bristles one) or a strong cardboard flap and brush my lashes from root to tip . How To Apply Mascara This tip I picked up from Michelle Phan’s tutorial on Fresh 5 Minute Makeup and it definitely works out so well. This method has a few advantages.

  • This enables me to have a view of the all lashes.
  • From the root to tip, all the lashes, even the smallest one ,gets covered.
  • You can be assured that the mascara would not touch your eyelids and spoil the rest of your eye make up  as the flap or the brush acts as a wall between the eye lids and the lashes. So you can boldly thicken or apply any number of coats.

Likes about MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara :

  • Looks very natural.
  • True to its claim , it is definitely  smudge proof and water proof.
  • It is very easy to apply
  • Since the bristles are short , it is easy  to get even the small lashes into the bristles
  • One sweep itself gives a good amount of volume. Two or three sweeps would definitely give good results. There is no gap required between two coats .
  • No waiting time needed to blink. It dries out as soon as it is applied
  • It does not clump at all how many ever times it is coated.
  • It  is easy to take off the Mascara. No special effort needs to be taken to remove it . The normal cleanser would do the job.
  • It stays put for a long time. Does not rip away or fall off .


  • It does not lengthen. Maybe after two to three coats it does look like its lengthened, but it is nowhere compared to what the Colossal Volume does in terms of lengthening. However it claims only to Volumise  and not lengthen. So cannot blame.
  • It does not  hold the curls for a long time .
  • I somehow felt that for a cream mascara, the tube kind of a packaging does not fit well. The cream sticks to the walls of the tube
  • I am not comfortable with the cream formula and have a weird feeling that am taking out the mascara from an empty tube. It kind of gives me a feeling that the mascara has become dry and am scraping the walls of the tube to take it out though the package is a brand new one. Also a lot of cream tends to attach itself to the bristles.

Would I repurchase : I am very neutral about this mascara. I have not yet become a great fan of the mascara as such. But it is not such a dud also. I am more comfortable with liquid mascaras as the ease of application is comparatively better  than the cream or gel ones. I like the Colossal volume more than the Maxfactor Mascara because of this reason.  If I get a brown mascara in the Colossal Volume formula i.e if Maxfactor includes the lengthening formula also, I would go for it.

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22 thoughts on “MaxFactor Masterpiece Max Mascara Review

  1. I have this mascara in black but I am not too fond of it. This is my first mascara ever. I buy lots of lipglosses and very few eye products. ….Either I m not used to how my eyes luk with mascara or the mascara is not that great.What do you think? ?:-)

    1. Me too not fond of it but I don hate it too. It is an Okish Mascara. I go with your second option “Masacar not that great” . Doesn’t really bring out the eyes. 😐

  2. I haven’t got a chance to pick up MaxFactor mascaras of now but I will surely give these a shot. 🙂

    I am kin of comfortable using the cream an gel liners…You are right about the cream getting stuck at the walls of the tube but them I just wipe it with a tissue whenever I see that happening-10 seconds job. 😛

    You know the Michalle phan tip is nice but I am not able to fin out a new carboard every time an I cannot use the same cardboard/ visiting card twice. WHat do you do?

  3. I use all the sides of the cardboard once and get a new one 😀 .So I have one cardboard per week :-))

  4. Using Collosal volum mascara right now and its working very well….I only have 1 eye pencil from Maxfactor…hvnt tried anything else from the brand

    1. Colossal Volume is good. It is in a way better than Maxfactor. Maxfactors’ foundations are too good. Specially their Liquid Illusion. You must try them when you get a chance to lay your hands on them :-))

  5. i am in desperate need of mascara
    i use zoomlash but wanna try a Blue one …the price seems to be good i think i will pick this up … just for the blue color sake

    thanks for review dear

  6. Yup the good old Michelle business card technique… funny how she says you can even use it while you’re travelling in a bus or train whatever… I’m sloppy even at home when my hand is still <3 lol

    1. i poked my eye only once in life :laugh:
      but eye lash curler is a must!
      gosh … we dont need anyone around when we do our make up

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