Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise

Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise

Hie my dear girlies,

How are you all doing? I have almost always applied eye liners only. On special occasions I get ready on the parlours and in daily routine I am not into eye shadows. Being a doctor I cannot wear them at work and at evening outings I am hardly given any time to get ready. So, this is the second eye shadow I have ever bought; in fact first one. The previous one was gifted. 😛

Maxfactor Dip-in Eyeshadow Vibrant Turqoise

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Product description:

Give your eyes a shot of intense, vibrant colour with Max Effect Dip in Eye Shadow. No shrinking violets, these bold, modern colours range from green and purple to blue and pink. With its pearl and colour pigments, they provide a flash of colour and the perfect way to dip in and out of the latest fashion trends!

Price: INR 510 but you know at 50% sale I got it for 255.

Shelf life: 3 years

My experience with Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise:

When it comes to eye makeup, I love blues and greens. Black is a necessity and I do not like browns as they never show up on my already light brown oily lids. Blues and greens always lift up my eyes and make an impact. So this is one such shade- turquoise in color, you can say it is blue plus green so I immediately ordered this.

Maxfactor Dip-in Eyeshadow Vibrant Turqoise (2)

When I received this, I thought it is too small in size. But you know it is on very rare occasions when I apply eye shadow so this too will go a long way for me. I like the packaging it is a cute small container with a long hat errrrr cap. 😛 It has a screw kind of closure so it ensures no spilling if you carry it around in your purse.

Maxfactor Dip-in Eyeshadow Vibrant Turqoise (3)
Coming to the shade, I have already told you about my love for such colors. This shade was love at first site for me. I applied this as a single eye shadow color (You know I am a beginner at eye make ups) with a dark blue eyeliner. The combo came out to be amazing. As I already have green eyes and this eye makeup was bright enough, I kept everything else minimal with a nude pink glossy finish lipstick. I loved it completely. The applicator is very easy to use for beginners like me. It was easy to apply on the crease too. Moreover, it did not take any time for the application at all. I mean I can get ready in those hurry times with an eye shadow too. Eye makeup enthusiasts can use it with the brush to get a clean finish. The color comes out beautifully on the lids. It has fine micro shimmers but it is nothing like glittery. The shade is not over the top; in fact it has a beautiful finish. It can be worn both with casual as well as formal outfits. Those who have oily lids like me should use a base for prolonged wear. Without a base it stays for around 4 hours, after which it begins to fade.
Maxfactor Dip-in Eyeshadow Vibrant Turqoise wand
Also, a base would enhance the look of the shade on the lids.

Over all, it is a very pretty and easy to use eye shadow. Since I got it on a 50% discount it is truly a steal.

Pros of Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise:

• Very pretty shade.
• Easy to apply.
• Cute packaging.
• Stays on for a fairly long time. You can have a prolonged wear with a base/primer beneath.
• Takes very less time for application.

powder eyeshadow

Cons of Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise:

• People who are already into Inglot and Mac eye shadows may not like it. This one is basically for beginners or quick application times.
Maxfactor Dip-in Eyeshadow Vibrant Turqoise swatch
Will I repurchase Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise?

Well, after this I would like to take a step forward to Inglot eye shadows. *haapydance*

Will I recommend Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise?

If you are a beginner like me or face those times when you have to run and get ready in 15 minutes, you should pick this up.

IMBB Rating:

Until next time take care!

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23 thoughts on “Maxfactor Max-Effect Dip In Eyeshadow – Vibrant Turquoise

  1. Its a pretty shade ofcourse for quick application times *hifive* where did you get it for 50% ???? *woot* *woot* *woot*

        1. Aeee yaar…. kya sirf mein hi baaki hu baaki sab ne le liya *spank* *spank* m going right nw and checking if its still on *cry* *cry*

  2. Pretty shade Sahiba! You what doctor? I mean, specialization? And I was scrolling down to see your FOTD with the eye shadow.

    1. thanx tanvi… i am a dentist… *toothpaste*
      n i am just a beginer with eye make up stuff na.. so isliye eotd/fotd nai kiya… *shy*

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