Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation- Review

Hello Everybody,

I never had dark circles until a year ago. Since last year I have started my own business and I work on the computer for about 12 hrs a day. Recreation is net surfing, reading the lovely makeup blogs around and looking up fun makeup stuff. So that’s about one more hour at the computer. Result…… I have developed the dreaded under eye circles!!!! Can’t help it… So gotta hide it…

It was then that I started looking for concealers. It was my bad luck that the day I started looking for concealers, Colorbar stopped marketing them. So my search landed me at a Maxfactor counter.

There are two types of concealers available with Maxfactor. One is a click pen type which is a creamy liquid one and other is the Pan Stik. No I have not misspelt it, it is named Pan Stik.

I chose the Pan Stik as it is meant for Normal to Dry skin. Now the Pan Stik is actually a Foundation + Concealer. But I cannot imagine putting on such thick, heavymakeup on my face. So it is strictly a concealer for me.

It is priced at Rs. 660/- for 9g.

Here is my Pan Stik-

Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation

Please don’t mind the scratched and soiled cover. Actually the store I bought it from had put innumerable stickers on top of it. I got irritated and pulled them off. Then I tried to clean out the glue with nail polish remover which destroyed the plastic. Anyways, coming to the product inside……

Maxfactor Pan Stik Open

Pros of Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation Swatch- Blended

  • It is a fantastic concealer. I have small but dark under eye area. This one covers it up beautifully.
  • It is very easy to use. Despite of it being my first concealer I never had any problems using it.
  • I have the shade called 96 Bisque ivory. This is slightly lighter than my foundation. I didn’t mean it to be, but it turned out that way.

Maxfactor Pan stik Foundation Swatch- One swipe

 Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation Swatch- Blended
Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation Swatch- Blended
  • It suits me well and I do not end up looking like a pale ghost.
  • It rotates upwards like a lipstick and is about the same size. So it is easy to carry around.
  • It conceals acne and blemishes well too.
  • It is very creamy and blends easily. I moisturize very well before applying this, which makes it glide even better.
  • Needless to say, it does not dry me out at all.
  • Does not break me out at all either.
  • It does not highlight my dry patches.
  • I was very wary of putting anything so close to my eyes, as they are sensitive and water a lot. But this one is very comfortable and does not sting at all.
  • It has no fragrance as such.
  • Very little amount is required.
  • It does not cause me to sweat. Whenver I apply creamy or liquid foundations, my forehead starts sweating a lot. This causes my foundation to streak and feather. This one did nothing of the sort.
  • I am using this everyday and I have got pretty used to it. Now I feel oddly exposed without it. I love it.

Cons of Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation

  • It does not have any sun protection.
  • It does not bear the ingredients list. Actually it comes without an outer box. So very limited info is given.
  • You can go easily overboard with this. Less is more with this. If you take it even a little further it starts looking fake and cakey.
  • I apply it on top of my tinted moisturizer to avoid going OTT.
  • Shade selection is limited and most shades have pink undertones. Most Indian skin tones have yellow undertones. They could do with a warmer colour palette.
  • It is fairly priced with respect to the quantity. But I don’t think I am ever gonna finish it up. I’ll have to throw away at least half of it. So that’s some wastage. I would have preferred a smaller size.

Directions for use:
Nothing is given on the pack. But here are some tips I find useful-

  • Swipe the pan stik under the eyes and blend using a damp sponge. I tried blending this with fingers, but it is too heavy. A sponge helps in blending and prevents pulling of the delicate under-eye skin.
  • Conceal acne and blemish marks with a pan cake brush. This is a local brush I use. It helps in blending and precise application.
Pan cake Brush
Pan cake Brush
  • After you are done applying dab a cotton pad soked in water over the eyes. I do the warm hands tip from Rati’s Foundation Tutorial to set it.
  • Dab a little compact or loose powder to finish.

Overall verdict: It is GOOD. It works, conceals most of the thing I want to. It suits my skin tone and skin texture. So I am happy with it.

I have not used any concealer before so cannot compare it with other products. But I am quite content with it.
I would give it 4

Until I find something better, this is my favourite concealer.

Which is your favourite brand for base makeup?

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21 thoughts on “Maxfactor Pan Stik Foundation- Review

  1. cool i say
    will try def
    as of now i am content with colorbar concealer
    but seeing the price close to this will give it a shot

    1. Oh I completely missed out on the Colorbar Concealer…. But i am very happy with this one.. You should try this too…
      Oh and you are so pretty… :cute:

    1. I did use this but as i said it is a shade lighter so I look very awkward wearing this….. But it is good if you want a heavier coverage..

    1. I think the Colorbar people should bring it back… What with so many lovely gals vouching for it…

      But this one is really great.. I find it convenient and useful….

  2. I hate it when stores put those big ugly stickers on the products,
    it’s so hard to remove and it is damaging the product:(

    When using foundation, should the concealer be applied first?
    Since I’m on the computer more and more often my eyes begin
    to look really tired, it’s not really dark (yet)
    .-= Sunaina´s last blog ..Vintage shopping =-.

  3. Hi Sunaina..

    Concealers can be applied before or after foundation. When i am using a liquid foundation, I apply concealer afterwards. Liquid foundations have good coverage. So they conceal many things. But if you want even more coverage, you can apply concealer wherever you need on top of the foundation. This will give you better coverage wherever you want.

    When I am using only compact or powder for a lighter coverage, i apply concealer beforehand. This gives me coverage without going cakey.

    If you are using concealer for the first time you should use them over foundation only. This will give you control.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  4. What colour pan stik did you buy? Could you also tell me if the one you have has a yellow tone? Oh and, do you know which other pan stiks have a more yellow tone in them? Thank you. 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi,

    Please let me know where can i get the Max factor products in Hyderabad. Also, please tell me where can i get the “Bobbi Brown” products.

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