MaxFactor Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss #14 Majeste Review

MaxFactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss #14 Majeste

Hello Everybody,

Today, I’m going to review the MaxFactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss in shade #14 Majeste. I got mini size (5 ml) tube of this as a free gift with Max Factor Crème Puff compact powder.

MaxFactor Curve Effect Lip Gloss Majeste


INR 540 (got the info from the SA, but not sure if it is for this mini size or the full size (17ml).

About MaxFactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect LipGloss:


This season’s lips are going glossy, glossy, glossy! Arm yourself with our slick new Vibrant Curve Effect LipGloss to put yourself in the spotlight. Hot from backstage and tested by our top fashion make-up artists, it’s curvy applicator hugs your lips for a fuller, more curvaceous look. With it’s high shine, non-sticky formula and 10 new irresistible on trend shades to try, there’s no excuse to fade into the background.

My Experience with MaxFactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect LipGloss in Shade #14 Majeste:

When I bought my crème puff compact from MaxFactor for Rs. 595, I had option to choose a free gift from 2 mini lip glosses, 2 nail paints or a mascara. Nor the nail paint shades were flattering and neither was I interested in their mascara. So, I was left with the lipgloss option.

Following were the two shades on free offer:

1.  Understated (Clear gloss with loads of silver shimmer).
2.  Majeste (Bronzy nude with fine shimmer).

I chose the later. It appeared to be a nice bronzy nude shade with very fine shimmer in the tube and I had to pick it up without thinking much.


When I came back home and applied this lip gloss, I was utterly disappointed to see the result. I was expecting the same shade on the tube to show up on my lips, but could barely see any color :scream: . It appeared like I have applied a clear gloss.

My lips are quite pigmented. I have shown my bare lips for reference, but I guess, this lip gloss would show up some color only on the palest lips. Pigmentation is way too bad.

Bare lips and Lip swatch

It has a mild melon fragrance, which was nice. I could sense the smell for sometime even after applying it on my lips. This might be a put off for people who don’t like any smell in their lip product. It does not have any taste to it.

Hand Swatch

I cannot talk anything about the staying power of the color as there is hardly any color to show up :nababana: , but the glossy effect was there for about 3 hrs.

Talking about the texture of the lip gloss, it did not feel sticky or heavy on my lips. It felt pretty comfortable throughout the wear. After it wore off in about 3 hours, my lips started feeling dry.

I could use this only on top of other lipstick to add some shine to it. I found it going well with my Maybelline Color Sensation Lipstick in “My Mahogany”. Otherwise, I don’t find any big use for it.

One thing I liked about the gloss is the design of the doe-foot applicator. It has more slanting area to spread the gloss easily and even on lips.

Pros of MaxFactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss in Shade #14 Majeste:

1.  Comes with a nice applicator.
2.  Does not feel sticky.
3.  Feels light and comfortable on lips.
4.  I liked the melon smell.

Cons of MaxFactor’s Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss in Shade #14 Majeste:

1.  Very poor pigmentation.
2.  Not so good for stand-alone use.
3.  Falls a bit on the pricey side.

Final Verdict:

I liked how the lip gloss felt on my lips. Other than that, I don’t feel anything great to share about it.

Will I Re-purchase:

I might check out other shades in this range, but will make sure to try it on my lips before buying one.

Will I Recommend:

Well, you can find cheaper lip glosses with good pigmentation, but if you like your lip gloss to feel light, then you can give this a try.


2.75/5 (for the cons mentioned above).

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18 thoughts on “MaxFactor Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss #14 Majeste Review

  1. i liked the shade actually kaps. :specs: :whistle: .. it wud luk gud with a lip liner too.. do try tht also :haanji: .. n top of matching lippi also, it wud b gr8…so not a bad product actually.. :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. you have such pretty lips karpagam. 🙂 I guess such shades are best topped on lip liners or lipsticks. 🙂 On it’s own it does look like any other clear gloss.

  3. It’s a nice shade but I agree about the pigmentation… I like pigmented glosses better. I tried my mahogany, it just doesnt work for me. am very disappointed!

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