Maybelline Baby Lips Coral Flush, Cherry Kiss Review, Swatch

Maybelline Baby Lips Coral Flush, Cherry Kiss

maybelline baby lip balm review

Price : Rs 150

I have been waiting for ‘Baby Lips’ to launch in India since the time I read the review HERE

Claims :

  • Visibly renewed lips and 8-hr hydration
  • The secret: Exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20
  • Protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
  • After 4 weeks, lips are visibly renewed and reborn
  • 7 varieties

As soon as I saw these at the store, I knew I had to get them. Both the price and the packaging were tempting. I bought it in two colors – Coral Flush and Cherry Kiss.

Coral Flush is a sheer sorbet orangey lip balm. Cherry Kiss is a tinted cherry pink lip balm.

Now what I love about Baby Lips:

  • The look adorable. The colorful packaging and the cute font totally brings a smile on my lips.
  • Have a lovely mild fruity fragrance to them.
  • They are very moisturizing. In fact They have even repaired my chapped lips.
  • They don’t feel heavy on lips.
  • They are not thick or waxy.
  • Have SPF 20
  • No disgusting taste.
  • Great Price.
  • Look absolutely great on matte lips. They add a bit of shine and moisture to the lips.
  • They badly remind me of my favourite Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Lip Balms.
I only wish that these were more pigmented than they already are. On my slightly pigmented lips, I dont see a dash of color until I have swiped ‘Baby Lips’ a couple of times.

Coral Flush:

maybelline baby lips balm coral flush

Cherry Kiss:

maybelline baby lip balm cherry kiss


maybelline baby lip balm swatches

IMBB Rating : 4.8/5

Overall,I adore these lip balms. These cute little things are a must have in any girl’s makeup kit. High heels and kissable lips -what more does a girl need? πŸ˜‰

Have a great week ahead everyone. πŸ™‚

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56 thoughts on “Maybelline Baby Lips Coral Flush, Cherry Kiss Review, Swatch

  1. ummm…high heels, kissable lips, good hair, a body that is free of love handles, good clothes, good bags, nice makeup…did I miss something?
    See, its you who’s spoiling people…I am picking these up today πŸ™‚
    Do they have any smell?

  2. wow sounds soooo good rati…
    I saw them in a store few weeks back but bought lipice, that too 4 of them… have to wait till they get over πŸ™
    but will try them for sure πŸ˜€

  3. All the maybelline lip balms are out of stock here πŸ™ I have been to atleast 3 of their counters. They will be refilling in October first week

    Are they just like the normal maybelline lip balms ??

    1. they are i’d say nicer lip balms. But not as tinted as may be your nivea ones. But good ones and they have been effective in repairing my chapped lips. I’d just say that 8 hour is a bit exaggerated.

  4. Ohh Rattiiii.. you reviewed them at the perfect time.. I badly need a good lip balm right now. I think some lip product has caused allergy on my lips and they have become extra dry and nothing works. Where can we get these? I’ll ask my friend to buy and then send them to me here in A&N..

    1. i bought these from a regular cosmetic store around here. You may ask her to check any nearby cosmetic store. I guess may be you should try something prescribed… i feel.

      1. I dont have anything prescribed.. and no derma here so.. πŸ™ They are a lill better since morning… tried some desi nuskha.. I guess.. my maxfactor lippy has done the damage.. maybe its expired… πŸ™ its almost 2 yrs old now..

      2. Yeah, you are very right but I dont have any prescription and yahan koi derma bhi nahi hai. But yeah, I would still ask a chemist if he has something for damaged lips.. thankoooos for the suggestion. Really makes sense.. though since morning I have some relief.

  5. seriously! they repair chapped lips rati??? then i must get them for my hand bag πŸ™‚

    night time ke liye my tbs spiced vanilla zindabad πŸ™‚

  6. Are these like the earlier ones we wud get Rati … i adore the strawberry and mandarin i hv πŸ™‚ that was fr Rs. 100 and these 150 πŸ™
    why are make up companies just increasing their price like crazy ….. Grrrrrrrrr

    1. they are quite similar imo nats except may be the packaging but these worked better on my lips as compared to the previous ones. You can skip these if you are happy with your previous ones. πŸ™‚

  7. Oh, I seriously need these, Rati, am having dry lips badly nowadays. Maybelline is also going to launch The Falsies mascara and Color Tattoo eyeshadows this week, according to one of the SAs, but when I asked another SA at another store, she was blank. Hehehe.

  8. Lovely lippie desperately want this …
    I think i carry this in my clutch, pocket anywhere πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much rati i really want something light like this for
    my college wear :- D πŸ˜€

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