Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow-Fierce&Tangy, Audacious Asphalt

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow-Fierce&Tangy, Audacious Asphalt

Finally, I did pick up these babies last week from Shopper’s stop and I am so glad I did. I picked up five shades, others are Bold gold and Back to the bronze. I basically wanted to pick up shades I will be able to wear rather than bold purples and teals. I bought gold and bronze because it serves great base to all my lighter brown toned shadows.But one color that particularly caught my fancy was “fierce&tangy” . Such shades don’t come by often and I think it makes for a very versatile base for many shades.

Maybelline color tattoo fierce tangy audacious asphalt

I got them with brushes which work just great to apply these cream shadows on, just perfect for the lid size and to get into the crease and corner to define the shape of the eye. Once they set, you can top them up with your favorite combos.I love the heavy glass tub they come in, over all a very tempting package!

Price: Rs. 350

  • 24hr intensity. Tattoo tenacity.
  • Dare to wear our longest-lasting shadow.
  • Our ink technology creates super-saturated color.
  • Cream gel smoothes on for vibrant color that does not fade.
  • In 8 shades.


Maybelline color tattoo fierce tangy audacious asphalt2

Audacious asphalt if a glamorous gray color with tons of silver shimmer/ glitter in it. The shade is a great party wear to match with your silver dress and silver work on saris. The texture is creamy smooth and feels gritty due to the glitter in it. It is the perfect balance of gray and silver without making it more metallic or shiny or gray. I adore it and can see myself using this with a black, blue shadow or may be a black on top of it. It is the perfect steel gray!

*left-Audacious Asphalt, right-Fierce&Tangy
maybelline color tattoo 3

The “Fierce & tangy” one, I honestly feel will compliment a lot of warm skin tones. Why I say this is because this is a great base to rusts, browns and bricks too in case you want to try them out on your eyes. Also, it is a milky orange with very teeny-meeny shimmer to it which you can call almost a matte cream shade. I love this one because it is very unique and I paired this one with blue eyeshadow from Colorbar I had reviewed.I also picture pairing this with a rust brown or may be even black. But I know this is a very difficult color to carry off. But believe me such colors don’t come by often.

maybelline color tatto swatches

These stay on for ten hours on me without smudging. these make for a great base for other colors and this is the reason i might pick up more of these. When these set, they feel dry, not sticky which makes me awestruck  most products that set feel sticky but this one is so comfortable to use for its dry light wear capacity.These are the best deal for oily lids, and for bases because these don’t crease and stay fresh for ten hours or may be even more.

orange blue eyemakeup

Last word:

Crease-proof, dry base, creamy when applied and long lasting. Such fresh shades to choose from,I don’t think any one would be able to resist them. Must-haves for me are “Fierce & tangy”, “Bold gold”, “Audacious asphalt”, and “Back to the bronze”.Whats more, the brush they are supplied with, works just as fabulous!

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25 thoughts on “Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr Eyeshadow-Fierce&Tangy, Audacious Asphalt

  1. love your EOTD Neha esp the blue and orange combination 🙂 i want these tattoo eyeshadows 🙁 i am not gettin the time to go out from my college campus and these aren’t available online yet 🙁

  2. love your EOTD Neha esp the blue and orange combination 🙂 i want these tattoo eyeshadows 🙁 i am not gettin the time to go out from my college campus and these aren’t available online yet 🙁

  3. I have these 2, totally love how rare/unique the orange shade is, and now am going to try doing the same look with blue/orange combo on the eyes. Lovely EOTD. 🙂

  4. Heha love love love this eotd and the liner is just too perfect!!!!!!!!!! You guys should do a video tute on how you line your eyes! I just dont get the hand of it!

  5. I picked up the Grey one. its quite pretty and though its slightly shimmery, i used it during the day and it did stay for a good 5 to 6 hours. Incase i want it to look slightly darker I might need to use it with a black eye shadow. Wish the eyeshadow itself was a little darker :). I bought the Revlon eye primer which i havent used yet so hopefully the two combined the eye shadow will show up even better.

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