Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick – Mat3

Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick Mat3

Hello wonderful IMBBians,

I feel so excited to be a part of IMBB. It has now become a daily ritual of me to check it out. It is the newspaper of our kind. Now coming to the product, it is the new launch from Maybelline – the bold matte series by Colorsensational. The colour I picked is the MAT 3. They do not have names for these in India but in other places names are given and this shade is named as cheeky coral. The other series of colorsensational includes jewels and moisture extreme.

Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick Mat3

Size: 3.9 g /0.13 oz

MRP: Rs. 375/- (couldn’t find any discounts)

Product Claims:

Hydrating matte with honey nectar
Moisturising agents like Rosa canina oil and jojoba oil
Powder less matte pigments ensure true vivid shades


It is written as “bright velvet pigment honey nectar” as a tagline in the outer wrap. There is flimsy wrap around the actual lipstick case which has all the branding, cost, size and ingredients list. It gives the illusion that “bold Matte” is written on the lipstick cover. But once you tear off the wrap you get a plain semi transparent lipstick case like the old jewel series of Maybelline without the glitter strokes. Packaging is a bit delicate; it closes with a mild click. I thought it was going to open and found it a bit hard to open easily because the base is small given that the outer casing covering the whole body almost.

Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (6)

I am so keen about telling this to you girls because when trying to open I smeared the bullet in the cover. Is it the clumsy me or the Maybelline?

Ingredients list:
Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (9)

Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (3)
One word I got for the swatches – sweet lies!

The name says bold matte but the swatches say otherwise. See for yourself girls.

The colour is a nice subtle coral with yellow undertones. The texture is creamy and glossy without any glitters. It glides smoothly and gives a subtle coral colour and it can be built up. It is very much suitable for a sunny day or beach party. I am so confused on why would such a bright shade be introduced in the beginning of fall. It is not about this colour the whole series contains bright shades from MAT1 a baby pink shade to MAT5 a deep red shade. None of which can be used in fall. That too they are all not matte instead a creamy glossy finish. The lip swatch in the Maybelline website is clearly misleading. Apart from these am comfortable with the lipstick (a little bit).
The other shades are MAT1 – baby pink, MAT2 – rose (grab this if you are fair skinned- highly moving), MAT3 – cheeky coral, MAT 4 – vivid coral, MAT5 – deep red. The name interpretation is based on the overseas products. In overseas Maybelline has launched more than five shades with names (grrrrrr why…?????) and a completely new series called Neo Nudes – a set of neutral colours. Aaaaaand it is limited edition with four colours.

Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (8)

What to pair with:
Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (7)

It is a summer colour so can be incorporated with any bright shades or neon shades, clearly gives a oompf factor if you pair it with the same colour coral dresses. Apart from that you can use it with dresses of beige, off-white and white colours. A monochrome look goes well too and finally palazzo pants with coral lips. Again the colour is bright so neutral eyes do well.
Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (10)

Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –MAT3  (2)

Pros of Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –Mat 3:

• Creamy and glides well
• Not very drying
• Stays for 2-3 hours without meal
• Contains natural oil like jojoba and honey nectar
• Cost
• Suitable for all skin tones
• Odourless
• No staining – easily removable

lips (2)


Cons of Maybelline bold matte by COLORsensational –Mat 3:

• Inappropriate for season
• Name misleading – not matte just a creamy bold colour- boldness has to be built up
• Settles in fine lines of lips
• Bleeds out – that too if oily skin you would look like stuck your lips in papaya smoothie.
• Easily transferable

Dupe and alternate usage:

The inglot freedom system refill no. 37 is a creamier pigmented dupe for this colour. If you are disappointed with this product as a lipstick you can use this as a nice blush similar to bourjois creamy blush but mind you it doesn’t dries out to be matte- you don’t want a glossy cheek so use sparingly as little as possible for a subtle glow.

Recommendation : They presented two shades from these range to Rati on her birthday! If they want Rati to have them then I think it is worth a try.

But on the whole I am excited for neo nudes given that the season is fall.

IMBB rating :3/5 (if you leave out the naming issue else 2.5/5)

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8 thoughts on “Maybelline Colorsensational Bold Matte Lipstick – Mat3

  1. I love balmy stuff – This color`s pretty – but this doesnt seem to apply evenly – that`s sad. Waiting for a discount on revlon lip butters *happy dance*

  2. Mine was neon pink 😀 the one i ordered mat 1 *hihi* totally bold *announce* pure neon huh *hihi* but this looks great and i love such colours infact rather tan very bold oes *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. I was also expecting a punch of color.. like bold matte creamy pigmented kinds and they turned out to be balmy. But I quite like these .. I find them very moisturizing and love the color they impart after I build up my color. But for someone who does not like balmy lipsticks, guess it is not for them. and umm.. I wear orange all year round so it works well for me despite the season. 🙂 I am not disappointed with these. nice lip swatches. 🙂

    1. U can workout any colours anytime rati .if maybelline has introduced them as the pop tints like lakme we wudnt have been disappointed with the naming thing. Apart from that these are quite good. Btw awesome haircut rati *clap*

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