Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette Review

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How are you doing today? I am back with another drugstore purchase which proved to be one of the most wonderful discoveries till date. I must confess that the more I read and learn about makeup the more I hate myself for ignoring those basic makeup etiquettes like a well tamed groomed eye brows, smoky eye, well defined matte lips and so on! I sincerely believe in this quote “Don’t let anyone with bad eye brows tell you anything about life”.
Needless to say eye brow grooming is my everyday task as I feel that if I step out with sparse or shabby eye brows my game is over! During my trial & error on eye brow grooming I came across many good products like the Urban Decay Brow Beater Pencil which is still my beauty hack for rush hours while I swear by this new purchase which gave me perfect natural results. So let’s read more about Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette!

Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette

Price: $10-$13 for a palette with 0.14 Oz of an eye brow wax, brow powder, highlighter and 2 applicators; price varies across stores

Product Description: The 1st brow kit to offer everything you need for brow perfection! The sculpting wax sets brows in place while the smooth pigment powder fills & colors in brows. To finish the look, our reflective highlighting powder creates strong arch definition. Three simple steps for the ultimate brow look.


My Experience with Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette:

The Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette comes in absolutely travel friendly as well as handy plastic palette along with 3 compartments including a tinted brow wax, the filling powder and highlighter apart from separate space for eye brow tools included. It does lack a mirror but no complains as it comes with 2-2 applicators, one is a double sided brush applicator and other is a mini spoolie brush; both are way handy in this palette. I just love its packaging which is pretty sleek, attractive and easily fits in any thin clutch. However my hubby often bangs his head and exclaims that we gals have such big palette just to groom our eye brows alone so god bless our makeup stash 😛 lol


Coming over this palette, it is available in four shades: Blonde, Soft Brown, Deep Brown & Auburn. I picked Deep Brown considering I have brown-black eye brows however I feel that soft brown will also suit my eye brows hence I am planning to get it as well. The deep brown palette has tinted brown color brow wax, deep brown brow powder and a shimmery ice white highlighter. I am not fan of the highlighter as it comes up way subtle on my skin but even for the brow wax and powder this kit is worth investing dollars.

spoolie and brush

The brows wax however seems bit stiff unlike gel versions but we can easily smear it on our eye brows with any lip brush or concealer brush; yes the thin double ended brush doesn’t work for this brow wax. I use my Bite Beauty lip brush to apply this wax and shape my brows first; I had to press it 3-4 times for brow wax to deposit on brush though. I mean the texture of wax is slightly hard but we can anyways figure it out once we are habitual with wax. I see that once smeared on eye brows it keeps my brow hairs on place for good 6+ hours with natural hue. Hence for beginners’ approach I find it perfect but makeup pros might like their Dip Brow Pomade or Brow Wax better.


Now the USP of this kit is the brow powder, it is insanely pigmented and not at all chalky. I was seriously surprised to see the quality and natural color pay off, I tell you. I only need to gently touch the eye brow brush in powder and it gives intense brown color pay off to my sparsely filled areas with no made up look. In fact the person standing at proper distance can never figure out you have worked on your eye brow which is too good to believe!

I wore it on my trip last week and I am still giggling to see how my eye brows come up way perfect in all the pictures even though I am not very photogenic lol. My face makeup was ready to give up in rainfall but my eye brows were all thick arched throughout the trip which tells they are waterproof, smudge proof up to great extent and won’t fade even after 6-7 hours that too on my oily skin.


I also love how the wax and powder adhere to my skin with no feathering around which was my biggest fear initially. It won’t budge or even transfer once set with spoolie brush. I feel like a pro after getting this kit and very confident to use the brow pomade or wax now. I would definitely recommend this kit to every beauty, you might have to live with minor disappointments like that stiff wax and shimmery highlighter but still you won’t regret this purchase. Moreover, for beginners like me and budget onlookers this product is must have! Though I agree price is still on high side but you are getting 2 decent products with 1 average highlighter which might work.
Let’s sum up pros and cons:

maybelline brow kit eotd

Pros of Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette:

• A travel friendly and attractive eye brow palette with price worthy products.
• The tinted eye brow wax, eye brow powder and highlighter all work great on respective skin tones with natural finish.
• The eye brow wax is bit stiff but easy to glide on eye brows shaping them further with natural tint.
• It also helps to keep my eye brow hair at place and set all the time.
• The eye brow powder is intense pigmented.
• It gives complete coverage and color pay off in just one gentle touch.
• The highlighter though shimmery works decent on my skin tone.
• The dual ended brush works really well with eye brow powder to deposit color on sparse areas.
• The spoolie brush ensures blending and natural finishing touch to eye brows.
• The natural finish, color stays for good 6+ hours even in highly humid weather and oily skin type.
• It won’t budge or feather around on my skin.
• It is waterproof and won’t transfer on skin, no matter we attempt any water sports or enjoy rainfall.
• None of the products in this kit can be considered dud.

Cons of Maybelline Deep Brown Brow Drama Pro Palette:

• The thin brush seems too decent for wax.
• The texture of wax is bit tricky.
• Average highlighter.
• Price.

Well even if I skip the highlighter I have two products which work for me really well hence I have no concerns for price even. However I agree that we can get much better product but at this price this kit is unbeatable.

IMBB Rating – 4.8/5!

lake tahoe trip

lake tahoe neetu

PS: I am attaching our trip pictures, this kit made me look perfect in every picture with those natural thick, arched brows 

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