Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review

Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review

Finally, I could get this in Pune Central around KP in Pune, near my folk’s place. I found this everywhere and apparently no one had even heard of it. The day I went to Central, the SA said she had received the stock just that day and was surprised that I already knew about it. I was happy to find, but sad to see that there were only three shades and only a mismatch to our Indian skin tones. Still I thought, I would pick up the medium shade called “Buff.” The lightest one is “Ivory” (too white) and the darkest is called “Honey.”

Dream Lumi Touch 1

The deal here is that the lightest one in “Ivory” is way too white and I don’t think many of us would need it. It also has major pink undertones to it. Then, comes this shade called “Buff,” which looked medium, but it still has very strong pink and white undertones, what a disaster: / The “Honey” one is the only one out of the three which has a little yellow feel to it and I was really contemplating getting the darkest one, but somehow I got this one. I always prefer a shade dark than what I see in the store lighting.

Dream Lumi Touch 2

This concealer comes with a built-in brush and you need to twist the base up to get the product on to the brush. I really like the brush concept to be used on the go. The problem I have with this is that though they mention that the base needs to be twisted up to ten times during first usage, I had to twist it up to 25 times to get something to the top. Once it does come up, there is no way you can know how much you are going to get and it goes out of control. Neither could I see how much amount is being dispensed through the transparent part of the tube.

Dream Lumi Touch 3

Now why I call it a problem is that the concealer is so thick and bright white that you really need an ant-sized amount for your under eye area, and I mean it. You don’t even need a button-sized amount, just very tiny.  So, considering it’s a twist-up thing, I assume more than the amount needed always comes up, its such a pain actually.

Dream Lumi Touch 4

Also, another thing is that you get like ¼th of the tube sized amount for the concealer.  You can actually see how much you get, and its hardly anything. Then upon that, you don’t have control over how much is dispensed because you have to keep waiting for it to get twisted up. So here again, you need a little, but too much is dispensed from an already less amount of concealer that you have got in the tube.

Dream Lumi Touch 5

Another trouble is that even the minimum amount dispensed is too much for one-time use. Even if you use it on the sides of the nose and mouth and under eyes, still I think it would be too much.

Yet another thing I want to point out is that it leaves a ghastly white cast! More horrid than you would have seen in any foundation from Lakme 😛 Its impossible to go overboard with it on the under eye area or anywhere because the white cast can be seen easily.  Then again, the under eye looks grey when you use a little and it looks pink white when you use too much, I don’t know what to do.

Eye Swatches:

Grey Eyes

Yellow Eyes

The texture of the concealer is fantastic.  Its thick and creamy and it has that highlight effect, which is much needed for the under eyes.  The coverage with just a small amount is good as well, but the color is so white.  Even though I got “medium,” but the white cast is something that makes me reach out for my other concealers like the one from Lakme Absolute or Colorbar.

Overall, I would say the coverage, highlight effect, blendability, and the whole brush concept is really good and you need just a little.  I use it only for the under eye area and they suggest you could use it on the sides of the nose and mouth too, but I am not sure whether it is meant for acne scars and blemishes as well.

On the flip side, I want to say that three shades are absolutely unsuitable for us.  The “Honey” shade is for darker skin tones, but I think even though I have fair to medium skin tone, I should have picked up that one.  The one in “Ivory” and “Buff” are too white and leave a cast behind. The amount that is dispensed is way too much than you need and you actually need very little of the product.

The major drawback for this range is the shades available, they should have started with “Honey” perhaps and given us three more shades starting from there, they need to be yellow and not white.  I would say Lakme Absolute Concealer can be a benchmark for them to see how yellow and light concealers should be or at least that’s the way I like them.

Last Word on Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer:

Make sure you try them on, because I am not recommending any of these shades because they are a perfect mismatch. Apply them on before you spend 475 rupees on a product that surely covers up, but leaves a white cast behind. It is also not meant for blemishes, as far as I know.

IMBB Rating:

2.5/5 (the whole concept is nice, but not my favourite concealer).

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13 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting Concealer Review

  1. thanks for reviewing this…i was waiting for this concealer to hit the market…but i m not sure if i wanna try this now..thank u so much

  2. sad this dosent match up. similar to the chambor one. i used to swear by chambor for the longest time and still recommend it to many but when i compare it to the MAC the chambor is nowhere close and i just cant find a cheaper substitute for the MAC 🙂 but thats ok. am working, can afford to so why not.. but would be great to have other cheaper options 🙂 🙂

  3. I actually really liked this one. It is actually a really low end dupe of the YSL Touche Eclat. But here is the thing u only need to use a teeny bit. Else it leaves the white cast ur talking about. We dont really need to keep turning the bottom knob like u mentioned. just turn it twice the brush will have enough product for application. turn it again if u need more. Dont wait till a blob is a formed on the brush. a few twists will bring enough product for one use as it gives good coverage. seeing the pictures I think the main issue with your application was that you put too much on. When you dont twist it as many times, the brush may not look like it has product but usually it does. And they say on the pack that you should twist up to 10 times but i would say please dont do that, upto 5 times would be more than enough.
    you should pick this up if you are touche eclat fan.

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